Saturday 1 October 1977

From the Archives - Mulga Wire no. 3, October 1977 - complete

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1. Cover drawn by Raema Grieve

2.  Editorial

3.  Talking with Dave de Hugard pp. 3-4


5.  About Reading Music  R.Pride

6.  The Concertina by Frank O'Gallagher

7.  Larrikin Records Catalogue Checklist

8.  Collecting Folk Songs by John Meredith, Part 2, pp.8-9

9.  Record Review - Traditional Australian Bush Ballads sung by the Reedy River Bushmen D.J (Dave Johnson)

10.  Club News. Overheard backstage at the Opera House, while the Reedy River Bushmen were rehearsing Waltzing Matilda  : "What's ethnic about that?"New Record releases (see next issue for reviews) - Steam Shuttle -A modern interpretation of Australian Folk Songs  & Phyl Lobl - On My Selection

11.  Billboard -

12.  Calendar Notes