Friday 31 October 2014

BMC @ Turning Wave Festival of Irish & Australian Music, September 2014

It was our first visit to this Festival & we hope to be back.

Our first appearance was a 60 min concert of the Songs of John Dengate on the Friday evening which had a small but perfectly formed cast as most of our members couldn't 
get to Yass in time. 

Frank Maher

Jason & Chloe Roweth

Chris Maltby, Margaret Walters, Ann Maher, John Warner

Chloe & Jason Roweth

 Dale Dengate

 Dale Dengate & Frank Maher

Dale Dengate

Doug Richardson

Frank Maher

 Frank Maher

 Ralph Pride & Frank Maher

Gail Copley

Second-generation bush musician Joanne Roweth with dad Jason

John Warner

Margaret Walters & Chris Maltby

Mariamma Mitchell

Ralph Pride

Ralph Pride & Frank Maher


 We also presented a 2 hour songs & tunes workshop in the Drawing Room of the Australian Hotel for members & old friends & a new friend or 2

Claire Doherty, Bec & Don Richmond

Ralph Pride, member of Concert Party since the 60s

Kerry & Claire Doherty, Alan, Bec Richmond, a new friend, Darri Adamson & Don Richmond

Darri Adamson & Don Richmond

Ann Maher used to play lagerphone in Concert Party in the 60s & 70s

and has not lost her touch

Second generation member Bec Richmond, with her father Don who is better known as a dance caller & dancer

Lost for words?


Dale Dengate & Ann Maher


 Frank Maher, member of Concert Party in the 50s, 60s, & 70s with his 50-year old lagerphone

Back - Chris Poleson, Ralph Pride, Frank Maher, Don Richmond, Stuart Leslie, 
Kerry Doherty
front - Gail Copley, Sandra Nixon, Ann Maher, Sally Leslie, Claire Doherty, Dec Richmond


Stuart Leslie, Kerry Doherty, Claire Doherty (2nd generation member) 

 Photos - Sandra Nixon