Saturday 16 October 2021

Posters from the Phyl Lobl Collection

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Photos © Sandra Nixon, straightened with a modicum of light correction by Ralph Pride  

Undated posters have date suggested by Perpetual Calendar. 

Port Jackson Folk Festival January 1970, 3rd National Folk Festival 

2nd Port Jackson Folk Festival, January 26-28 1973

2nd Port Jackson Folk Festival, January 26-28 1973

Folk Song Concert, Sat October 21 (1973)

Political Songs of Australia in Concert. Sydney Town Hall,
Sun 8th Sept (1973)

Folk Song Concert, Sat October 13 (1973)

Weekend away NSW Folk Federation at Glenfield Farm,
1st & 2nd September  (1973) 

R.A. Presents Folk & Blues in Concert,
Balmain Town Hall, Sat 28th Sept (1974)

The Newcastle Song, a concert with Bob Hudson. Kirk Gallery
412 Cleveland St Surry Hills, Sunday Aug 11 (1974)

Jeannie Lewis 'Tears of Steel' and 'Clowning Calaveras',
Nov 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 (1976) Seymore Centre 

(inaugural) National Folklore Conference,
24-25 November, 1984, Melbourne

Wednesday Elizabeth Folk Club 

The Elizabeth Folk Club 



Monday 4 October 2021

From the Archives - National Folk Festivals held in Sydney, 1970, 1975, 1982 & 1988

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The National Folk Festival was held 4 times in Sydney before finding a permanent home in Canberra.

These 4 posters were on display at the 2018 National Folk Festival.
(photos © Sandra Nixon) 

3rd National Folk Festival, January 1970

9th National Folk Festival, March 22-31, 1975 photos

16th National Folk Festival, 8-12 April 1982,  Horton River
Bush Band photos & 
Australia since Captain Cook photos

22nd National Folk Festival, March 31 - April 4, 1988