Tuesday 12 April 2022

Bush Music Club aims over the years, 1954 to today

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The Club was formed in 1954 as part of the post-war search for traditional Australian music in reaction to the increasing Americanisation of our culture. 

In the beginning they collected songs, tunes, dances & recitations, then disseminated them through workshops, concerts, songsheets, recordings & publications. 

The club's emphasis changed over the years & the aims moved with the changes but it was always working to promote Australian folk/bush culture.  

1.  Extract from Minutes January 5th, 1955  - The Aim of the
Bush Music Club is to collect and perform Bush Songs & music. 

2.  Extract from Singabout 1(1), p.19, ... to popularise Australian
 folk song, and to encourage the composition of a new kind of
song - one that is traditional in style but contemporary in theme. 

3.  Aims on a membership form in use between May 1957 & December 1958 according to the address on the form.  

4.  Extract from handout in use between Jan 1968 & March 1969 according to the address given.

5.  Mulga Wire, no.2, p.2, August 1977

6.  1980 leaflet 

7.  1987 Mulga Wire subscription leaflet

8.  1990 leaflet 

No later statements have been found in Mulga Wire or on the Club website.


Saturday 9 April 2022

From the Archives - Pyrography gift to Concert Party

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On 28th January 1983 Concert Party entertained children in Royal North Shore Hospital & were given a plaque. 

 (photos Sandra Nixon) 



Sunday 3 April 2022

From the Archives - Jamie's Carlin's eulogy for John Dengate, 2013

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Jamie's memories of John, read out & enlarged upon at the Bush Music Club's Memorial Concert, Sunday 24th November, 2013, videoed by Ray Gurney. Link to videos of all contributions here 

Sharyn Mattern photo


BMC Anniversaries - 30th 1984

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Bob Bolton collection - A selection of photos from the 30th Anniversary Subscription Ball, 19th August 1984
Mulga Wire,  no. 46, Dec 84, p.16

Letter from Margaret Walters, FOLKUS coordinator
to Helen & Bob Brian

Mulga Wire, no. 44, Aug 84 

Mulga Wire, no. 45, Oct 1985

Mulga Wire, no. 44, Aug 84, p. 3