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From the Archives - Bush Music Club Newsletter - 1970 to 1971

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The first Newsletter was published in October 1955, & the last Newsletter/Calendar we have was issued in January 1977, & the January 1978 Calendar was also issued with Mulga Wire.

Our holding are not complete & missing issues will be added as found.

Foolscap pages have been scanned as 2 images.

January 1970 - Newsletter is intended to be issued bi-monthly

1.  1970 Calendar

1. Concert Party is booked out until April, with engagements as far as October. April - Gulgong Centenary Celebration. The Club will be singing shearing songs accompanying an Old Time Shearing display at the Easter Show.  Mitchell Library wants to preserve the full collection of Bill Frost's work. Charlie Leabeater of Lyndhurst played accordion for an old time dance with 700 dancers where 16 couples in Colonial dress danced a quadrille. Two of L.G. Montgomery's songs appeared in Tradition without his name! Review of Port Jackson Folk Festival.

1970 Port Jackson Folk Festival posters & leaflets, National Folk Festival 2018 (Sandra Nixon photo)

2. New Zealand is conducting a Traditional Folk Festival. Booking open for weekend at Currawong. Release of a new book from Ron Edwards, an enlarged version of the Overlander songbook with 200 songs. Words for Paul Tripeny's version of The Stockman's Farewell(Dale Dengate Hon. Secretary)
March 1970

1.  Workshops on Tuesdays. Songs of the Shearers will be sent to members. It sold very well at the Easter Show over "4 very exhausting but worthwhile nights"  Singabout night went well. Gulgong & Currawong weekends coming up in April. (Dale Dengate acting Hon. Secretary)
October 1970
1. New premises - Sydney Technical College. Coming events  Oct 20th- dance night, November 3rd - Songs of the Bushrangers, November 28th Campfire night.  Past events - 28th Sept Singabout night went well, Jim Buchanan from Victoria & Canberra Shanty Singer attended. News from country members has been meagre lately, possibly because no newsletters have been sent for such a long time.

2.  1868 newspaper report on cedar cutters

3. 1872 newspaper report on cedar cutters. Review of Bill Frost's Bang Tail Muster by John Dengate

4. Dale Dengate's review of The Musings of a Mountain Maid by Sybil J. Kimmins.  (Lorraine Barnicoat Hon. Secretary)

5.  Canberra Shanty Singers, from Bob Bolton's photos -
 facebook page maintained by Graham McDonald


December 1970

1. Workshop nights on Tuesdays,  Christmas pary 15th Dec, Collectors Group report - first meeting held on 23rd Oct,

2. Article by Bill Frost on slang

3.Article by Bill Frost on slang - cont.

4.  Article by Bill Frost on slang + article on Sea Chanties

5. article on Sea Chanties & poem/song James McKenna.  The Club resumes 19th January. (Lorraine Barnicoat Hon. Secretary)

March 1971

1. Workshop evenings on Tuesdays. 

2.  AGM was fairly well attended.

3.  Coming events - Singabout 29th March, last Singabout was successful both for entertainment & financially.  Concert Party will again be part of Steam Engine Preservation Society's display with theme Mining.

4.  Past events - plenty of engagements, highlight was the Scout Jamboree at Leppington on 2nd January. Report on Adelaide Folk Festival by Jamie Carlin

5. Report on Adelaide Folk Festival by Jamie Carlin cont.

6. Concert party has many bookings.  George & Barbara Gibbons will be in Kalgoolie for 6 months & Barbara hopes to do some collecting.  (Lorraine Barnicoat, Hon. Secretary)
June 1971

1.  Workshop nights every Tuesday.  Coming Events - Singabout 26th June, as usual the March Sinagbout was highly entertaining. Beer & Cheese nights for July, August & September.

2.  Past events - Report on Currawong weekend.

3. New Concert Party member - Bruce Cawthorne. Help wanted for words to a song The Bullocky Song

4. Reprint of Rattle Your Bones from Singabout 2(3), Dec 1957

5. Reprint of Rattle Your Bones from Singabout 2(3), Dec 1957, cont.   Records for sale.  (Lorraine Barnicoat Hon. Secretary)

September 1971

1.Workshop nights on Tuesdays.  Coming events - Singabout 25th September,  Dance Night 21st Sept, Beer & Cheese night Tuesday 5th October & 2nd November, Annual Campfire 27th November.

2.  Weekends away October 2-4th October at Grabben Gullen & Carcoar 30th October

3. Article by Jamie Carlin on building a lagerphone  Jamie built a lagerphone presented to Pete Seeger in 1963.

4.. Article by Jamie Carlin on building a lagerphone, cont.

5.  Folksong Today, WEA course presented by Warren Fahey.  

6.  BMC's 1971 publication A Collectors Songbook by Alan Scott has been sent to members.

7.  Lyrics to Woolloomooloo from Collectors Songbook.  NSW Folk Federation will be holding dances in Balmain. (Lorraine Barnicoat Hon. Secretary)
November 1971

December 1971

1.  Workshop evenings on Tuesdays. No Christmas Singabout.  Christmas Party 14th December.

2. Review of Weekend away at Grabben Gullen.  Review of Carcoar weekend.

3. Cedar cutters & their songs by Bill Frost - sea shanties!

4.  Cedar cutters & their songs by Bill Frost - cont.

5. Cedar cutters & their songs by Bill Frost, concluded.  words - Loosen the Dogs

6. Other news from Jamie Carlin - Diaplon record of Reedy River has been re-released.  Long lost song of Henry Lawson from Brisbane "Worker" Jun 27th 1891 - As Ireland Wore the Green  pp.6-8


8. Workshop nights re-commence 19th January (Lorraine Barnicoat, Hon Secretary)

From the Archives - Bush Music Club Newsletter - 1968 to1969

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The first Newsletter was published in October 1955, & the last Newsletter/Calendar we have was issued in January 1977, & the January 1978 Calendar was also issued with Mulga Wire.

Our holding are not complete & missing issues will be added as found.

Foolscap pages have been scanned as 2 images.

January 1968 (published bi-monthly)

1.  In 1967 Club nights were well attended. Concert party is going to Gulgong for Australia Day Weekend, so can't attend the Port Phillip Folk Festival in Melbourne. Concert Party will be at Tuena at Easter.

2.  AGM will be held 20th February. list of Publications & Records.

3.  Workshop nights are held on Tuesdays 189 Clarence St.  Singabout evenings will be held at BWIU Hall, 353? George St.  2 issues of Singabout are planned for 1968.  Dale Dengate Hon. Secretary.

4.The "Folk Boom" & the Bush Music Club by H. G. (Harry Glendenning, confirmed by Dale Dengate 30/05/20) ) 

5. 1968 calendar

6.  1968 calendar
April 1968

1. 1968 Executive, Tuesday night workshops 189 Clarence St.  Beer & Cheese nights, Singabout  night 23rd March, BWIU Hall  353 (typo s/be 535) George St with Irish theme, Australian films 31st May. Concert Party will play dance music for Wild Colonial Days Society in March. Concert party is playing for Blaxland branch of the Liberal Party. Concert Party will be at Tuena over Easter. 

2.Tuena events include a beard growing competition. Results of the National Song competition - Five Bright Stars by "Janet Chalcot" (Mrs S. Wakefield.) Judges were not impressed by the overall standard of entries. Some members are going to Adelaide so the Club hopes to renew contact with the Adelaide Bush Music Club. Wellington Folklore Society reports more clubs have been established & there is enthusiasm to sing & collect traditional songs. BMC member Dave Small returned from New Zealand with songs. 1969 is the Club's 15th birthday & planning has started. Weekend at Karingal near Bathurst is being planned for later this year.
May 1968

1.  Workshop nights on Tuesdays, 189 Clarence St. Monthly Beer & Cheese nights, 189 Clarence St. Film night 31st May - Three in One, Sentimental Bloke, Crossroads Alice. Dance nights July 30th & September 24th, & a dance afternoon at Noreen Grunseit's place 30th June. Singabout evening 15th June, 535 George St.

2. Singabout Songster No.1 has been released, free to members, 80 cents or 10 for $6.00.  Review of Concert Party visit to Tuena.

3.  Review of  Duke Tritton night. Arrangements for the weekend away at "Karingal"  (Dale Dengate Hon. Secretary)
August 1968

1.  Workshop nights, 189 Clarence St.  Coming events -14th Anniversary 12th October, 535 George St.  25th-27th October Weekend in Bathurst.  Beer & Cheese nights -August - Launch of "Folk Songs of Australia."  September - December.   Campfire at Ball's Head 16th November, Annual Picnic December 8th.

2.  Special Dance nights - September & November, Review of dance afternoon at Noreen Grunseit's place.

3. Harry & Madge Glendenning left Sydney for Kempsey.

4.  Concert Party report from John Dengate.  Karingal visit will include a concert in the Abercrombie Caves.  As Concert Party is going to Tuena next Easter they will miss Morton Bay Folk Festival. BMC is applying to Department of Education for a cultural grant.

5. John Meredith was interviewed on ABC radio about Folk Songs of Australia,  (Dale Dengate Hon. Secretary.
November 1968

1. Workshop nights on Tuesdays, 189 Clarence St. Review of Karingal weekend. Letter from Tea & Damper Club, Adelaide. Newcastle's Purple Parrot Folk Club held a successful Folksong & Dance weekend in August, & have produced a magazine Idiom, which reviewed Singabout Songster & referred to BMC being "one eyed towards traditional Australian folk music" as a criticism!

2. Review of John Meredith's Folk Songs of Australia by John Dengate. BMC received a donation from the defunct Australian Folklore Society, as well as their archives. Coming Events - November. Campfire is going ahead.

3. Concert Party had been very busy over the past 2 months. For those who missed the special edition of Kelly Songsters - fifty booklets of original broadsides of Kelly songs are now for sale. (Dale Dengate Hon. Secretary)

Calendar 1969

January 1969

1.  Workshop nights on Tuesdays, 189 Clarence St.  Concert Party engagements - Lyceum Platform, 2CH interview, Australia Day weekend at Gulgong, possibly Easter in Tuena, NAtional Trust concert in April, Sapphire safari at Grabben Gabben in October.

2. Camping trip to Newnes cancelled due to fire restrictions. Cultural Grant received & donation from Pete Seeger, belated payment for profits from his Sydney concert.

3. Fifteenth Anniversary dinner 24th October. Sad news from Ron Edwards in Queensland - National Folk where Ron Edwards published the songs he collected is closing down & Tradition (Vic) is also appealing for funds. The only folk singers who are successful are foreigners. A recent concert at Sydney Union Theatre did not include any Australian songs. Not so many people are collecting, & Singabout will only be printed when there is enough worthwhile material at hand. Newsletter will be expanded. Last year newsletter was bi-monthly & expects same this year.  Dale Dengate

4. Ballad - Song of the Gulgong Goldfields by Bill Frost

5. Circassian Circle r/p from Singabout 1(1)


7. Poem - Where the Archer was Bred by W.S. Frost

March 1969

1. Woekshop evenings moving to 52 Clarence St. Singabout evening for the 15th Anniversary, 22nd March. Reports to AGM 18th February told of a very active & successful year.  Reviews of Gulgong weekend, local members Elaine & Len Norris, & Araluen weekend in March.

2.  15-16th March Concert Party will be at Newbridge Gymkhana for a procession & dance. Concert Party will be camping at  Easter. Damper recipe for the campers.

3. Fred Lowry collected in Tuena by Clem Laing of Tuena

4. poem - Tell then I died game by Bill Frost - about Fred Lowry who said these last words.

5. Tell them I died game (cont) Instructions for Strip the Willow. Janet Wakefield has worked to get Stan's songs recognised, ABC School broadcasts has included The Kookaburra Laughed in it's latest book. (Dale Dengate Hon. Secretary)
May 1969

1.  Workshop evenings Tuesdays 52 Clarence St.  Review of 15th Anniversary Singabout evening. Next Singabout evening in September.

2. Review of 15th April Sally Sloan evening with Sally & Fred present. Next Beer & Cheese night- Ben Hall, 6th May, Lawson night 17th June, dance night 24th June. Dance afternoon at Noreen Grunseit's place in June. BMC won another sash at Tuena. Banner will be taken to Waratah Parade & Argyle Centenary Celebrations in May. Tuena local Charlie Leabeater of Tuena led Concert Party with his accordion.

3.  Report on Tuena continued. Branches of BMC - Mulawa, Kempsey, Araluen, Bathurst, Crookwell, Gulgong, Orchard Hills. Gulgong is planning for their Centenary in 1970. Some interesting songs arrived from WA member L.G. Montgomery - details in July newsletter.

4. Comments on the damper recipe.  1881 Quiz for Brewers examination papers.

5. Charlie Leabeater's Calls for the Figures of The Alberts.
6.  Ben Hall a new ballad in traditional style by John Dengate - typo, troops should be traps

7. Ben Hall - cont

8. Poem - Forty Thousand Chows by W. Frost
July 1969

1. Workshop evenings on Tuesdays, 52 Clarence St. Coming events - 15th Anniversary dinner 24th October, Karingal visit cancelled as Concert Party will be at Waratah Festival,  Singabout on 27th September, Stan Wakefield songs Beer & Cheese night 5th, dance evening 19th, Sept 9th Jack Donahoe & Convict songs Beer & Cheese night.

2. Report on Morton Bay National Folk Festival by President Frank Maher.

3. Morton Bay report cont

4. Morton Bay report cont

5. Morton Bay report concludes. Letters from Chris Woodland - BMC members entertained Yarrawong Youth Club Folk night, taught songs & dances, The Overlander can be heard whistled & sung on the street! Frank Halloran reported on plans for Gulgong centenary.

6. L.G. Montgomery (Sandgroper) Moondyne Joe  books - Moondyne Joe & Wildflower Songsheet

7. Recipe for home brew Metheglon  Instructions for Flying Pieman

8.  The Deep South Sea - a song Bill Frost collected c.1916  from an old Norwegian seaman in Jervis Bay  (Dale Dengate Hon. Secretary)
September 1969

1. Workshop nights on Tuesdays 52 Clarence st.  Singabout 26th September. Club Anniversary Prog & Grog night 7th October.

2. Concert party has been busy, including ALP BBQ at Manly dam, Argyle Centenary Celebrations, 2 visits to Cremone Shopping Centre, Sydney Technical College Folk Concert, Fellowship of Australian Writers Lawson celebration, Newcastle Technical College concerts & Bullockies Ball, Conservatorium Folk Concert, Argyle Cellars, Wild Colonial Days Society, Roselands, Aboriginal Children's Advancement Society's Moomba at "Kirinari", Sydney Bushwalkers Club, & providing background music to ABC's program on Palmer Gold Rush. As well as this the group have been
practicing for the record which should be made in September.  The 10th August Dance night included Hora, Pins & Needles, Prickly Bush where everyone sings as well as dances, Dashing White Sergeant, & La Russe Quadrille, & led to decision to start a demonstration dance group.

3. Dance report cont.  BMC passed a motion to support Port Jackson Folk Festival. Wild Colonial Days Newsletter has been received, with an article by Tom Salisbury about Bushrangers in the Bathurst district.

4. Recipe for Egg Flip from 1866 cooking book owned by John Meredith's grandmother.

5.Dance - La Russe Quadrille. This month's song - Hughie by Duke Tritton

6  Lyrics to Hughie by Duke Tritton.

7. Hughie cont.  News from Chris Woodland

8. Publications & records for sale.  (Dale Dengate Hon. Secretary)