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From the Archives - Bush Music Club Newsletter - 1966 to 1967

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The first Newsletter was published in October 1955, & the last Newsletter/Calendar we have was issued in January 1977, & the January 1978 Calendar was also issued with Mulga Wire.

Our holding are not complete & missing issues will be added as found.

Foolscap pages have been scanned as 2 images.

March 1966

1.  Moving to 189 Clarence St.  Workshop nights every Tuesday. National Song Competition with $60 prize.  Project '66 on TCN9 Gold in Australia, background music by Concert Party, 2nd April. Plans for a Lawson  Anniversary excursion to Mudgee in September & Eureka Anniversary Dinner in December. Current Dispute - songs for the next Festival record.

2.  Urgently needed - Archivist to take charge of valuable and sometimes irreplaceable material.  Election results. BMC books & records for sale.
June/July 1966

1.Things are going well in new room.  National Song Contest details. 

2.  Functions - Henry Lawson night 21st June, Jack Donahoe night - September. Lawson excursion to Mudgee September.  Ned Kelly night - November. Mary Gilmore & Eureka Stockade night - December. Xmas party. Wanted - guitar teacher for Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs. Publications available.
January 1967 (first issue since June/July 1966)

1. No newsletter has been issued since last July, but we have had an exceptionally good year as far as attendance has been concerned.  Beer & Cheese nights, BBQ, Nigerian music educator Mr Dayo Dedeke visited,  taught a Nigerian song & took away Singabouts to teach from. Library of Congress wants Newsletters. Other international enquiries from Mexico, Italy Denmark & others. Concert Party has been busy, but couldn't fit in all performances.  Royalties come in from earlier records & John Meredith's play Wild Colonial Boy.  BBC has still not paid anything for using our music on Down the Darling.

2.  National Song Contest details. Publications & records available. As Singabout has been held up by Editor's illness, members were sent Songs of Australia, the only club publication put out in 1966, with this newsletter.
April 1967

AGM - President Frank Maher, Vice-President Harry Glendinning, Secretary Dale Denagte, Asst Secretary Jamie Carlin, Treasurer Barbara Gibbons, Concert Party Leader John Dengate, Editor Eric Bolton, Sub-Editor Harry Glendinning, Publications manager Carolyne Purser, Master of Ceremonies Chris Woodland. We were unable to distribute Singabout during 1966. All financial members received Songs of Stan Wakefield. Singabout 6(1) is almost ready. Singabout evening Sat 1st July

Festival Records have been asked if Songs of Lawson will be ready by June Singabout night. National Song Competition is open until 31st July. Concert Party - very successful and enjoyable visti to Gulgong in January, numerous engagements since include Firemen's & Engine Driver's Smoko, Irish Musicians St. Patrick celebrations, Paddington Welfare Centre, Riverwood Eventide Homes. Recent Workshop nights have been well attended and thoroughly enjoyed. Programme organised by Chris Woodland. May - Ben Hall night 9th, Dance night 27th.  June - Centenary of Lawson's Birth 13th, Dance night 27th.  July - Stan Wakefield night 18th.  August - Songs from the Convicts 15th, DAnce nights 29th.  September - Jack Donahoe night 12th.  October - Labor Day 10th, Dance night 24th.  November - Ned Kelly Night 14th.  December - Eureka Stockade & Mary Gilmore Night 5th. Christmas Party 19th.  Dance nights are not Beer & cheese nights.
July 1967

1. Workshop nights at 189 Clarence St. There were many Lawson related functions in June including Lawson Centenary night on 13th, a Pilgrimage on 17th to Lawson Statue in the Domain, attended by ladies & gentlemen dressed as characters in Lawson's prose & verse, & about 60 people some dressed up attended party at Glendinning's place the same evening. 1st July Singabout theme was Lawson. Concert Party sang at a Lawson party for Australian (sic) Book Company at Engadine. They also played for the Wild Colonial Days Society, & some members appeared on ABC TV's This Day Tonight, & sang for Ausralasian (sic) Book Society's launch of "The Ashes of the Angry Years." They have also performed on 2 occasions for a group raising funds for the Aboriginal Children Advancement Society. Release of Concert Party's record was delayed by the record company so missed these events.

2.  However the record was promoted widely, including giving the club 12 promotional copies. POEMS IN MUSIC (Henry Lawson poems set to traditional music by the Bush Music Club). Next Singabout will be 14th October at 535 George St. Next picnic Oct 15th at Sutherland. Singabout 6(2) is almost ready, next fundraiser will be Friday 11th August. National Song Competition had a dozen entries, & closes soon. Beer & Cheese nights, Aug 15- Songs from the convicts, Oct 10 - Labor day, Nov 14 - Ned Kelly night, Dec 5 - Eureka stockade & Mary Gilmore, Dec 19 Christmas Party. Dance nights Aug 25 & Oct 24, Singabout Oct 14, Picnic Oct 15, Campfire Nov 8 at Ball's Head, Carlin's party - Aug 11   (Dale Dengate Secretary)

September 1967

1. Workshops nights on Tuesdays, 189 Clarence St.  Farewell to MC Chris Woodland who is leaving Sydney. Contributions are wanted for Singabout 6(2). Concert Party has been busy & are rehearsing for their  trip to Bathurst & for their next record, on the songs of Stan Wakefield. Janet Wakefield received Life Membership at the recent Stan Wakefield night.

2. Next Singabout evening 14th October. Annual picnic day 15th October. National Song competition had 20 entries.  Dates to remember.

3. Tentative plans for a film night Friday 3rd November, to show Three in One & The Sentimental Bloke and more. Publications available. (Dale Dengate Secretary)

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