Thursday 28 May 2020

From the Archives - Bush Music Club Song Sheets in the Jamie Carlin Collection

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1. handwritten - Dunn, Gilbert & Ben Hall - Come all you sons of liberty & listen to my tale, A story of bush ranging days I will to you unveil ...
2.  Australia's on the Wallaby Our father's came in search of gold, The claim it proved a duffer ... Collected by John Meredith from Noah Warren, a miner from Lithgow NSW, who got it from Joe Young who learned in Cairns.

3.  Jimmie Riddle  - Way out in the wilds of Australia, In a tumble down shack of tin ...

4.  Cane killed Abel, by Merv. Lilly & Chris Kempster. Singabout 1(1), Summer 1956

5.  The Farmers up trees - a new song by Merv Lilley, to the tune of "Jimmy Riddle" Singabout 1(1), Summer 1956

6.  The John Maclean March by Hamish Henderson

7.  The Old Bullock Dray (Stan Wakefield version)  Originally published in Singabout 1(1), Summer 1956, p.16

8.  Rolling Home - Call all hands to man the capstan, See the cable run down clear ...

9.  Kelly's Farewell - Farewell to my home in Greta, My loved ones fare thee well ...
Published as Farewell to Greta, Bushwhacker Broadside no. 11

These songsheets were scanned by Allen Davis in 2013.


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