Friday 8 May 2020

From the Archives - 1979 Bush Music Festival, program, posters & other ephemera

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From the Archives - Six New Dances composed for the Bush Music Club's Silver Jubilee 1979
BMC Anniversaries - Silver Jubilee 25th held 28th Sept to 1st Oct 1979

25th Anniversary - Australian Fancy Dress Ball at the Burland Community Hall, Newtown, 1979 Bush Music Festival

1. A3 poster - unused -  John Meredith, John Dengate, Dave de Hugard, Edgar Penzig, Rouseabouts,  Reclan Affley, Ryebuck, Rum Culls, Reedy River (Bushmen), Brad Tate, Alan Scott,

2. poster removed from the Hut walls, 2014

3. Unused poster

4.unused poster

5. screen printed logos

6.  Dance Competition pics 6-8

7. Dance competition entry form

8.  Dance competition entry form

9. Souvenir Programme  - pics 9-18

10.  Welcome, Acknowledgements

11.  Festival Highlights - Silver Jubilee Fancy Dress Ball, Opera House Concert, International Music Day Concert, The Spinners, Jubilee Dance Competition.

12. Ticket Info & Services

13.  Ticket Info & Services (cont) Facilities for Kids

14.  Concert Program - Singabout, Open Air Concert Sunday, Silver Jubilee Ball, Open Air Concert - Sunday, Opera House Concert, International Music Day Concert

15.  Plus - Australian Films, Damper Baking, Instrument Display, Concertina Demonstration, Be in it!

16.  Workshops - The Australian Traditional Dance Group,  Barry Collerson, Bob Bolton, Edgar F. Penzig, Greg Smallman, John Meredith, The Spinners, John Dengate

17.  About the Bush Music Club, membership application form

18.  Silver Jubilee Festival Programme Outline

20.  Stringybark & Greenhide, 1(4), 1979 - Review

21.  Damper making
22. Steam Shuttle performing at Opera House Concert. Stringybark & Greenhide, 2(4), p.14 (Bob Bolton photo)

23. Mulga Wire, no.16, Dec 1979,

24. Mulga Wire, no.16, p.2.  Editorial

25.  leaflet - front

26.  Leaflet - back

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