Tuesday 19 May 2020

From the Archives - Bush Music Club Broadsheets & Bush Music Club Publications

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Other early song and tune sheets, thanks to Ralph Pride for scanning them

Bush Music Club Broadsheets

1.  Reedy River. Words : Henry Lawson, Music : Chris Kempster

2  .A Word to Texas Jack, words : Henry Lawson, music : traditional - as sung by Alan Scott

3.  The Teams.  words : Henry Lawson  music : Dorothy Hodges

Bush Music Club Publications

1.  Armatree Brown Jug Polka, Early in the morning, Makkie Tonen, Give a Fair Go, Cracow Viarch

2.  Charlie Mopps

3.  Galopede, In and out the "dirty" windows, Seige of Ennis

4.  Jig Set - Gary Owen, Cock of the North, Cunnamulla Stocking Jig

5.  Lachlan Tigers  words & tune traditional

6.  Ryebuck Shearer.  melody : traditional,  harmony : C.Kempster

7.  Wild Rover, words & music traditional


Songsheets with logos

1.  DMR to the Devil   Words & music John Dengate

2.  Eubalong Ball

3.  Nine miles from Gundagai

4.  The little fish Singabout 3(2)  +  Native Mate Singabout 2(4)

5.  Shores of Botany Bay Singabout 2(3)

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