Wednesday 28 June 2017

Report on Music @ Morisset 2017 - Bob Murray's photos.

Report on Music @ Morisset 2017, 

Photos © Bob Murray

1.  Frank & Ann Maher were members of Concert Party in the early 60s & are still playing their original instruments, bones & lagerphone.
  (Bob Murray photo)

2.   Pete Cahill, coordinator of the weekend, enjoying the music.
  (Bob Murray photo)

3.   Ray Mulligan (ACT), Bush Traditions & National Folk Festival Settler Sessions coordinator

  (Bob Murray photo)

4.  Ray Mulligan   (Bob Murray photo)

5.     Dennis McKay
  (Bob Murray photo)

6.    Tony Romeo with his old lagerphone
  (Bob Murray photo)

 7.    Rick Hull & Chris Poleson
  (Bob Murray photo)

 8.   Doug Richardson & Darri Adamson
  (Bob Murray photo)

9.     George Bolliger & Linda 
  (Bob Murray photo)

 10.   Camp in Morisset Showground
  (Bob Murray photo)

11.    Helen Romeo with bones
  (Bob Murray photo)

12.  Percussion workshop 
  (Bob Murray photo)

 13.    Frank Maher & Ralph Pride, percussion workshop 
  (Bob Murray photo)

 14.   Ann Maher, Pete Cahill, Graham, creator of road kill soup! 
  (Bob Murray photo)

 15.    Doug Vincent, Brian Freeman, Frank & Ann Maher 
  (Bob Murray photo)

16.    Doug Richardson, Rick Hull, Dave Johnson, Chris Poleson 
  (Bob Murray photo)
 17.   Dave Johnson, Chris Poleson, Mark Poleson  
  (Bob Murray photo) 

 18.    Chris Poleson
  (Bob Murray photo)

 19.    Doug Richardson 
  (Bob Murray photo)
  20.  Pete Cahill 
  (Bob Murray photo)

21,  Dave Mois & Allen Davis   (Bob Murray photo)


Monday 26 June 2017

Another anniversary - 40 years of Mulga Wire, June 1977 to June 2017

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The editors of the first issue were Bob Bolton, Ralph Pride & Dave Johnson. They produced 12 very full pages of articles, news & a description of BMCs purpose.

Editors from 1977-79 were Bob Bolton, Dave Johnson & Ralph Pride.

In 1980 Bob Bolton was assisted by Dave Johnson.
From 1981-84 Bob was sole editor.
Doug Park took over from 1986-87
Don Richmond was Editor from 1988-1991.
In 1992 Colin Fong was Editor.

In 1993-94 Colin Fong & Linda Scott were editors.
Colin was sole editor from 1995-96.
From1997-2013 the editorial team was Colin Fong & Bob Bolton.

Mike Young replaced Bob from 2014 & Mike & Colin continued until no. 258, Christmas 2022 when the COVID pandemic lockdowns affected many activities. 
Ralph Pride took over in Spring 2023, with issue no. 259

Cove & first page of first issue, June 1977

How Mulga Wire was produced in the early days (Mulga Wire no. 2, August 1977)

Cover of June 1987
How Mulga Wire was produced in the 80s - no.44, August 1984

Cover of June 1997

Cover of June 2007

Cover of June 2017

E-Mulga Wire was made available from June 2013 & can be downloaded from our website 

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Sunday 18 June 2017

Once upon a time BMC was part of a parade ... Parramatta Heritage Week Parade, 29th October 1988

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Thanks to Colin Fong, Don Richmond, Mike Young, Sharyn Mattern & Wendy Richmond who identified the event & provided names of participants. The photographer has not been identified.
From the Archives - BMC participation in Parramatta Foundation Festivals 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989 & 1990

Mulga Wire, no.69, October 1988, page 4.

1. Preparation - Michelle Krist (later Bolliger), Colin Coles

2. Bob Foggin (fiddler), Alison Coles, Donna McLaren, Geoff/Jeff Barrett aka Sparkie

3.Terry Durman

4. Bob Foggin

5. Don Richmond & Bob Foggin

6. Bob Bolton, Bob Foggin, Eric Eisler, Don Richmond

7. Alison Coles,
Alita Tanswell, Bob Foggin, Colin Coles

Front at left - Don Richmond, Terry Durman, RosJinks, Michelle Krist (later Bolliger.)

Back - Alison & Colin Coles, Alita Tanswell, Linda Scott, Pauline Cambourne, Eric Eisler, Sharyn Mattern, Donna McLaren.  Seated - Margaret Bolliger, Colin Fong.  Bob Foggin on float.   (Sharyn Mattern photos)
9. Photo dated 29/10/88 - Sharyn Mattern & Linda Scott  (Sharyn Mattern collection)

Mulga Wire, no.70, Dec 1988, page  6.

Mulga Wire, no.70, Dec 1988, page  6.  (photo Greg Hiley)
Mulga Wire, no.70, Dec 1988, p.7 - top photo  (photo Greg Hiley)

Mulga Wire, no. 70, Dec 1988, p.7 - bottom photo (photo Greg Hiley)
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Tuesday 6 June 2017

Report on Music @ Morisset 2017

 (Sandra Nixon photo)

Sandra Nixon photo)

Gavin Holmes (ACT) & Allen Davis 
  (Sandra Nixon photo)

Kevin Rennie & Pete Cahill
  (Sandra Nixon photo)

Dave Moir & Allen Davis 
  (Sandra Nixon photo)

George Bolliger, Frank & Ann Maher  (Sandra Nixon photo)

 Rick Hull, Mark Poleson   (Sandra Nixon photo)
Saplings busking   (Zoe Harvey photo)

Saplings busking (Pete Cahill photo)

Saplings & local Scouts who were working towards badges  (Doug Vincent photo)

Scouts working towards a badge
 (Sandra Nixon photo)
Saplings & Scouts 
  (Sandra Nixon photo)
Saplings & Scouts   (Sandra Nixon photo)

Silhouettes observed by Darri Adamson, photographs by Tony Romeo

Bob Murray
(Doug Vincent photo)

Conversation in the afternoon sun   (Sandra Nixon photo)

Pete Cahill (Doug Vincent photo)

Arthur Heckendorf  (Doug Vincent photo)

Dave Johnson   
(Doug Vincent photo)

Brian Freeman  (Doug Vincent photo)

Ralph Pride
(Doug Vincent photo)

Ray Mulligan (ACT)  
(Doug Vincent photo)


Pete Cahill's photos

Roadkill soup, yum!



Heading out   (Sandra Nixon photo)

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