Tuesday 14 June 2016

Report on Music @ Morisset, 26-29th May, 2016

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Members and friends in other groups presented a series of well-thought out workshops which were enjoyed by all attendees.
Members and friends in other groups presented a series of well-thought out workshops which were enjoyed by all attendees. A number of musical dogs also enjoyed the weekend.

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Dave Johnson (Southern Highlands) - Old-and-Not-So-Old Bush Songs
Nancy Nicholls (Sydney) - Singalong of Colonial Songs
Helen Romeo (Illawarra) - Favourite tunesAllen Davis (Sydney) - Old Time Singalong
Blue Mountains Slow Session
Brian Jonathon (Sydney) - Learn Aussie dance tunes by ear/without tears

Blue Mountains Slow Session
Brian Jonathon (Sydney) - Learn Aussie dance tunes by ear/without tears
Carol Helman (North Coast) - Tunes
Chris Poleson (Sydney) - Bush Uke
Tony Stuart (Bathurst) - Tunes of Joe Yates (1895-1987)
Rick Hull (Sydney) - Beginners Five String Banjo
Jeff Lawie (Hunter) - Traditional Australian dance music
Jude Bertolin (Bathurst) - Collected songs of Sally Sloane (1894-1982)
Moir & Gavin Holmes (Canberra) - Australian & Celtic tunes
Tony Romeo (Illawarra) - Old Bush Songs
Ralph Pride (Goulburn) - Waltz-a-thon
Ray Mulligan (Canberra) - Australian dance tunes
Saplings sessions for young musicians & would-be musicians 8-16 years

(Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

soup!(Sandra Nixon photo)

Big Shed venue

Big Shed venue (Sandra Nixon photo)

(Pete Cahill photo)

(Pete Cahill photo)

The inaugural Bush Music @ Morisset was a great weekend of workshops, sessions, camping, catching up, relaxing ... and we'll be back next year with Music@Morisset-2.

(Pete Cahill photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

Display of historic photos
(Sandra Nixon photo)
(Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)
The initial idea came from committee member
Pete Cahill and the weekend came to fruition with the aid of a sub-committee & the enthusiastic musicians who volunteered to lead workshops & sessions.
Thanks to the Peninsular Rural Fire Brigade who assisted with ticketing & also provided excellent sausage sandwiches!

Bush musicians & singers came from
Canberra, Queensland, South Australia & Victoria, as well as NSW. The NSW participants came from the North Coast, Southern Tablelands, Illawarra, Bathurst, & the Sydney participants came from suburbs & towns between the Blue Mountains & Campbelltown to Kings Cross. They ranged in age from primary school to 80s, all united in the love of Australian bush music & song.

Allen Davis, Rick Hull, unknown(Margaret Bradford photo)

lenys from Far North Queensland
(Sandra Nixon photo)

Gavin & Moir Holmes from Canberra
(Sandra Nixon photo)

Helen & Tony Romeo, Gavin Holmes, Gavin Holmes, Polly Clapp
(Margaret Bradford photo)

Dave Johnson with Bathurst musicians Jude Bertolin & Tony Stuart (Sandra Nixon photo)

Dave's session
(Sandra Nixon photo)

Dave Moir, unknown, unknown, Karen Fong, Doug Richardson (Margaret Bradford photo)

Doug Richardson, Kevin Rennie, Bob Murray & Margaret Bradford (Sandra Nixon photo)

George Bolliger & Rose Pride (Sandra Nixon photo)

Karen Fong, Doug Richardson, Margaret & Kevin Rennie, Bob Murray
(Sandra Nixon photo)

Graham Dalgelish & Pete Cahill
(Sandra Nixon photo)
Pete enjoying the music
(Sandra Nixon photo)
unknown, Sandra Nixon, Dave Moir, unknown
(Margaret Bradford photo)
Terry Pybus, Graham Dalgleish,
George Bolliger
(Margaret Bradford photo)

Saplings with tutors Dave Johnson & Chris Poleson
(Sandra Nixon photo)
(Margaret Bradford photo)

Early members Ann (1960) & Fank Maher (1956)
(Sandra Nixon photo)

The program ended with a session on Sunday afternoon & a song from one of our resident songwriters.

Morisset farewell by DJ - to the traditional tune Brisbane Ladies Farewell & adieu to Morisset showground

Farewell & adieu to friends old & new
For we've sung lots of songs and we've played lots of tunes
But we won't say goodbye, it is only adieu.

It's the first time for Peter to take on this new role
What a champion he's proved as no doubt you'll agree
And the whole Club committee made it all flow quite smoothly
With hot soup and sangers on bread for a feed.

There's wristbands to prove we are all quite legitimate
And the leaders of workshops all on the ball
There's the Saplings all playing to delight & entertain us
And bring down the average age of us all.

And now full of tunes our heads are a-buzzing
And hearts are glowing in friendship's kind warmth
Don't be sad as you pack up your camp & get moving
Why don't you come visit at Duke Tritton Hall?

Bush Music Club www.bushmusic.org.au
Tritton Hall, Hut 44
Addison Road Centre
142 Addison Road
Mondays 7.30 to 10pm
Song & Tunes Session (aka Concert Party)

Musicians & singers welcome