Sunday 10 December 2023

Festival report - Inaugural Bundanoon Folk Festival November 2023

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(photos © Sandra Nixon)


1. Tristan, Millicent & Emily busking 

2. Tristan, Millicent & Emily busking 

3. Tristan, Millicent & Emily busking 
4. Lagerphone & shaky eggs

5. First lagerphone lesson

6. First lagerphone lesson

7. Saplings at the Tennis Club 

8. Tristan, Millicent & Emily 

9. Saplings banner 

10. Second lagerphone lesson 

11. Second lagerphone lesson

12. Don on whistle 

13. Sam on flute 

14. Lagerphonists 
15. Chris, John & Lynne, Dave & Tristan

16. Emily & Sam

17. Dave's concertinas 
18. Dave & Tristan

19. Lynne recording Saplings 

20. Tristan, Millicent, Emily, Sam, Annette, Chris, Tony, Dave, Helen

21. Dave's case 
22.  Millicent & Tristan 

23. Dancers inspired by the music 

24. Dancers 


25. Session at the Pub 
26. Wayne, Sam

27. Emily, Chris 

28.  Dave

29. Emily  

30. Emily, Chris 

HELEN & TONY ROMEO - Hidden Treasures,  the Songs & Poetry of Jim Gordon aka Jim Grahame - Henry Lawson's friend. 

31.  Helen & Tony 
32. Helen & Tony 

33. Helen & Tony with MC

34. Audience



35. Session at the camping ground 
36.  Singing Session

37. Singing  Session 



38. Shanty session with Water Runners & Kiama Sea Shanty Club

39.  Shanty session


40. Tunes session in the Pub

41. Tunes session

BLACK JOAK dancing in the rain 

42. Joakers 

43. Musicians

44. Joakers 



45. Don, Jude, Margaret, Chris, Tom

24. MC & audience 

25.  Don, Jude, Margaret, Chris, Tom 


Bundanoon Folk Festival .  Aunty Trish Levett cultural group


Thursday 30 November 2023

Report on 2023 Banjo Paterson Australian Poetry Festival, February 2023

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2023 Banjo Paterson Australian Poetry Festival

On Sunday 19 February a full day of poetry, prose, music and song was held at the Banjo Paterson Museum at Yeoval.   Alf Cantrell from the Banjo Paterson… More Than a Poet Museum reports on the day:  The Arts OutWest CASP Grant, which was awarded to Mulga Bill Festival Inc, was used last Sunday 19th February when a full day of poetry, prose, music and song was held at the Banjo Paterson Museum at Yeoval.

The weather was quite hot but under the very shady tree which covers the grassed backyard a very pleasant full day was enjoyed by a large crowd numbering over 250. The performers, many of whom were locals, also came from the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Lightening Ridge and Queensland.

There were 14 Bush Poets in attendance. Most Bush Poets were given a morning and an afternoon spot on stage intermitted with musical items of bush songs and stories by musician Chris McGinty of Toogong and there were two surprises on the day. 10 members of the renowned Sydney Bush Music Club arrived and did 4 spots of original Australian Bush Songs which was very well received ... (read on - the article includes a photo of BMC members)

Photos © Ralph Pride.  Ralph also created the 
Song booklet & I
nformation booklet