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From the Archives - Bob Bolton Collection - A selection of photographs of Declan Affley from the Bolton Files

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all photos © Bob Bolton

Over the years Bob took a series of photos at local folk clubs, including The Town Crier 

1. A selection of Photographs of Declan Affley from the Bolton Files

2. Declan Affley - Town Crier Folk Club, photo by Bob Bolton 

3. Prints laid out for photographing

4. E:\Declan Print\7202-183 Town Crier\Sepia (February 1972)

5.  E:\Declan Scans\Declan - T&N (used for an article in Trad & Now)

6. E:\Declan Scans

7. National Folk Festival Melbourne 1973

8. 7304 - Declan on pipes, 1973 National Folk Festival?

9.  74 - Declan Eliz (Elizabeth Folk Club??)

10. Town Crier Folk Club, Balmain,1972

11.  P.A.C.T Folk Club, Sydney 1971



Wednesday, 13 September 2023

John & Dale Dengate Parody Competition, Illawarra Folk Festival, 2023

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(Photos © Sandra Nixon)

The News Bureau Song by Cameron Ritchard, January 2023, to the sea shanty that Birdseye used for it's fish fingers advertisements 

I'll sing you a song, a song of the news,
Red berries or blue ones,
And try to explain why it gives you the blues,
Red berries or blue ones.

When we were still apes, at home on the range,
Red berries or blue ones,
Had to learn what to eat and from what to refrain,
Red berries or blue ones.

Our parents they taught us the best that they could,
Red berries or blue ones,
Which berries were bad and which berries were good,
Red berries or blue ones.

Eat the right ones and your fam'ly will thrive,
Red berries or blue ones,
Eat the wrong ones and you may not survive,
Red berries or blue ones.

News bureau psychologists know this is true,
Red berries or blue ones,
And they know it's the best way to get through to you,
Red berries or blue ones.

So they tell us which pollies and which businessman,
Red berries or blue ones,
Has the best programme or sells the best plan for
Red berries or blue ones.

Which insurance is dodgy, which banks rip us off,
Red berries or blue ones,
And which slimming programme makes weight fall off,
Red berries or blue ones.

Which highways to use and which roads to ignore,
Red berries or blue ones,
So they show all the crashes and all of the gore,
Red berries or blue ones.

Bit it's mostly 'bout berries that should not be bit,
Red berries or blue ones,
So it's mostly bad news and it gives you the shits,
Red berries or blue ones.

But you'll tune in tomorrow to find out which ones,
Red berries or blue ones,
Should go in your mouths and then come out your bums,
Red berries or blue ones!
1. MC Big Russ

2. Entrants

3. Alan Wright
4. Judges 

5. Peter Willey 

6. Cameron 

7. Michael Fine 

8. Audience

9. Robyn Sykes

10. Big Russ

11. Robyn Sykes

12. Big Russ & Judges

13. Judges 

14. Cameron

15. Cameron with Parody Mug

16. MC Big Russ, Cameron & Judges

17. Cameron with inscribed mug


Cameron performing The News Bureau  Song
at The Loaded Dog, April 2023

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Compilation - Articles about our 60th Anniversary

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From the Archives - Winners of 60th Anniversary Dance Competition

Bush Music Club’s 60th Anniversary Song, Tune & Verse Writing Competition

Song, Verse & Tune Diamond Jubilee Competition winners

60th Anniversary Dance Competition

2012 National Folk Festival Themed Workshop on BMC's First 10 years.

Report on our 60th Anniversary concert

60th Anniversary Heritage Ball - the Masked Ball & Picnic at Australian Pioneer Village

BMC Anniversaries - 60th Anniversary Member's Dinner, Ermington Community Centre March 2014

BMC Anniversaries - 60th Anniversary slide show from The Diamond Jubilee Concert, Saturday 30th August 2014 -3rd article.

BMC Anniversaries - 60th Anniversary slide show from The Diamond Jubilee Concert, Saturday 30th August 2014 - 2nd article.

BMC Anniversaries - 60th Anniversary slide show from The Diamond Jubilee Concert, Saturday 30th August 2014 -1st article.

BMC @ Bush Traditions, Goulburn 2014 - Ball & dance fashions

Report on BMC @ Bush Traditions Gathering, October 2014

BMC @ Turning Wave Festival of Irish & Australian Music, September 2014

Report on BMC & member's gigs, Illawarra Folk Festival 2014 

BMC at Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, 2014


Individual Talks from BMC's 2012 National Folk Festival Themed Workshop on BMC's First 10 years.

Memories of early days at the Bush Music Club by R. Dale Dengate

The First Few Years by Jamie Carlin.

A few comments on John Meredith by Chris Woodland

Memories of Reedy River & The Bush Music Club by Silvia Salisbury

Early Bush Music Club Days by Frank Maher

Bill Scott's talk about his parents Alan & Gay Scott

Alex Hood's reminiscences of the Bushwhackers, at the National Folk Festival 2012 http://bushmusicclub.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/alex-hoods-reminiscences-of.html


Compilation - Articles about Anniversaries

Click images for larger size.

1st - From the Archives - Bush Music Club Newsletter - 1950s



Bush Music Clubs 2nd anniversary, 1956 - Fran Shaw's songsheets Part 2



BMC's Anniversaries - 5th 1959



 BMC's Anniversaries - 7th Anniversary, 1961



From the Archives - Minutes of General Meetings, from 26th June 1957 to August 1970 - Part 2 , 1963 - 1964                                       

Singabout - Journal of Australian Folksong, Volume 5(3), July 1965 

Singabout - Journal of Australian Folksong, Volume 5(2), December 1964 

From the Archives - Bush Music Club Newsletter - 1964 to1965   30/5/20

BMC Anniversaries - 10th, 1964



Elaine Thornhill Collection 

From the Archives - Bush Music Club Newsletter - 1968 to1969

BMC Anniversaries - 15th, October 1969



From the Archives -  BMC Balls - 2nd Colonial Subscription Ball, 1979

From the Archives - BMC Balls - 1979 Fancy Dress Ball 

From the Archives - 1979 Bush Music Festival, program, posters & other ephemera

BMC Anniversaries - Silver Jubilee 25th held 28th Sept to 1st Oct 1979

25th Anniversary - Australian Fancy Dress Ball at the  Burland Community Hall, Newtown, 1979 Bush Music Festival



BMC Anniversaries - 30th 1984

Bob Bolton collection - A selection of photos from the 30th Anniversary Subscription Ball, 19th August 1984 displayed at the 2018 Heritage Ball 



From the Archives - BMC's 39th Birthday



From the Archives - 1994 Bush Music Festival & 40th Anniversary

BMC Anniversaries - 40th 1994 

Noel May Collection - 40th Anniversary Bush Musicfest, Australiana Pioneer Village, Wilberforce 1994  

Pete & Sue McMahon Collection - Part 1



From the Archives - A Swag of Memories - our 50th Anniversary Community Radio Program

From the Archives - 50th Anniversary, Golden Jubilee, 2004

From the Archives - Display Boards of historical photos, Part 2.

Members photos - Beth Cambridge



BMC Anniversaries - 55th 2009



see separate list - Compilation - Articles about our 60th Anniversary



65 Songs for 65 years - A History in Songs. Songs of the Bush Music Club, Celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Bush Music Club





Saturday, 9 September 2023

From the Archives - Winners of 60th Anniversary Dance Competition

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Category A - General Bush Dance - The Bimsey Flyer, written by John Short, September 2013.

Category B - Dancer's Dance - Harbour Bridge Quadrille by Keith Woods 

Category C - Multi Figure Quadrille - The Mulga Quadrille

Highly Commended, Category B - Dancer's Dance Duke's Jig by John Short .



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Monday, 28 August 2023

From the Archives - The Petrov Affair - what was in Document J?

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Mulga Wire no. 44, August 1984, p.15.
Come along to John Meredith's workshop at the Bush Music Festival
and find out! In his workshop titled LOOKING BACK, John will
survey the results of 32 years - half a lifetime - of collecting,
and playing a selection of most intersesting items he has recorded.
For instance, What was in Document J? the answer lies in a song
written by one of the clubs earliest members, Joe Fernside.

Document J was a prominent item in the Petrov Affair. It was written by an Australian journalist, Rupert Lockwood who was a member of the Communist Party, & was one of the papers brought out of the embassy by Petrov when he defected in 1954. The day it was declared secret by the Royal Commission, the Communist party printed copies of what Lockwood said was his original document, not the fake referred to in the Royal Commission! John Meredith was one of the members who sold copies for a shilling. Document J was of great interest to the Commission & the public, including Communist Party members so Joe Fernside, a bean farmer in Terrigal who was a party member, wrote a song about it, & sent the words to John Meredith.  (paraphrased from Keith McKenry's biography of John Meredith, pp126-128)

Alex Hood & Chris Kempster were friends of Joe, & Alex attended the Petrov enquiry in the Court House in Taylor Square on the day of a large demo by wharfies. Evertt was cross-examining Petrov & asked him about payments to informers - Petrov said he paid using £25 notes! 
Alex laughed, & the police glared at him.  Alex was sitting next a huge wharfie who told him not to worry. He left in the middle of a crowd of wharfies & they walked past the waiting police. 
(Conversation with Alex, July 2021)

Wharfies demonstration at Taylor Square, reported in Tribune - Wed 19 Jan 1955, page 1 & page 10

National library Public List (36 items) Research Question: In what ways was the Petrov Affair used as propaganda by various interests in Australia from 1954 to 1956?

WHAT IS IN DOCUMENT J? by Joe Fernside(sic) 1954
(FEARNSIDE according to his daughter)

audio - Joe singing it in the John Meredith Collection, NLA Oral History collection

Oh, what is this Document J?
That's what we ask today.
There's no-one knowin', says Justice Owen,
What's in Document J?

Oh, there is a dirty big spy,
He's got a big Yankee eye.
He's a workers' snob, his name is Bob,
Would that be in Document J?

They're selling us out to the yanks,
The marbled millionaire cranks;
They control our oil, our uranium spoil,
Would that be in Document J?

They sympathize with the Japs.
They're saying they're very good chaps.
For war they'll train, they'll addle the brain
Would that be in Document J?

The poor are all born to be slaves,
They work them to their graves.
Let us unite, defend our right,
Would that be in Document J?

Oh, we love our own native land,
But we don't like the rich robbers' hand.
We will cleave to the poor, for evermore,
Would that be in Document J?


Typescript of an article entitled "What is in Document J", published in the Bulletin, ca. 1979 held in the National Library

comment by Sharon Fearnside, Joe's daughter 


Saturday, 26 August 2023

Reedy River - The Songs, adapted for the Sydney Folk Festival 2023 by David Johnson

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(photos © Sandra Nixon)

Joe Cashmere, traditional fiddler was collected & photographed by John Meredith AM in 1955. In 1985 Mike Martin created this picture with his permission, & it was turned into banners for the Folk Federation in 2023 by Sandra Nixon.  

BMC members in the reading included Dave, Emma Sputnik (narrator), Karen Fong, Mariamma Mitchell, Matthew Black, Chris Maltby, Don Brian, Chloe & Jason Roweth. 

1. George Bolliger 

2. Chris

3. Karen, Mariamma

4. Emma, Chloe, Karen, Mariamma

5. Chloe, Jason, PeterMace, Karen, Mariamma

6.  James, Macquarie Towns Music Club 

7.  washboard, shears

8. Dave, Emma

9. Chloe, Emma

10.  Emma with script

11. Jason 

12. Jason 

13. Matthew, Chris, Don, Dave

14. Jason, Karen, Mariamma, George

15. Jason, Karen, Mariamma, George

16. shears

17. shears

18. Shears

19. Peter Mace

20. Emma, Chloe

21.  washboard

22. Emma 

23.  Peter Mace

24. Shears