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Bob Bolton Collection - Folk Clubs 70s - Town Crier Folk Club, 1971-72

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BMC Archives holds a set of Bob's USBs & these images were taken at the Town Crier Folk Club in the Town Hall Hotel in Balmain. Unlike the majority of Bob's photos these do not have universal dates, though some were dated, film 151 was shot on 4th November 1971 & film 184A on 9th March 1972.

Extract from Part 7 of Malcolm J. Turnbull's History of the early Sydney folk scene  - The Town Crier Folk Club, founded by Derrick Chetwyn and Trevor Sutton with the backing of the NSW Folk Federation, met on Thursday nights (from April 1971) at the Town Hall hotel in Balmain. According to a contemporary report:

The Town Crier goes like a party.  In a big back bar with the spirits high and the music REAL … The audiences are REAL too.  Cross-section audiences. Like Balmain itself. Several strata. Old men on benches. Young chicks with babies and nowhere to go except Balmain. It’s all there. Even container-truck drivers, the hated few of the noise and exhaust, occasionally blow in, breathe in, drink in, and sing … There’s a hard-core following of sixty regulars. They range in age from around 18 to around 60. No generation gaps in traditional music …

The Town Crier was apparently Bob's local club & according to the list of his negatives donated to the National Library in 2014, he filmed 15 evenings between 29/10/71 & 05/05/72 at Balmain, then a further 6 evenings at the Lansdowne Hotel, the Harold Park & the Royal George ending on 29/06/72

The Town Crier was initially organised by Derrick and Morag Chetwyn. Later it was run by Derrick and Colin Dryden.  Thanks to Danny Watson, who also identified Tom Bromley & Trevor Sutton, & provided Andy's surname. 

1.  151-25. jpg   Colin Dryden

2.  151-27 Colin Dryden 4-11-71.jpg

3.  151-28-Colin Bernard Andy & Derrick 4-11-71.jpg 
Colin Dryden, Bernard Bolan, Andy Saunders & Derrick Chetwyn
4.  151-29-Colin Bernard Andy & Derrick.jpg  
Colin Dryden, Bernard Bolan, Andy Saunders & Derrick Chetwyn

                        5.  151-29-Colin Bernard Andy & Derrick4-11-71.jpg
                       Colin Dryden, Bernard Bolan, Andy Saunders & Derrick Chetwyn
6.  151-31.jpg  Phyl Lobl, Tom Bromley

7.  151-32.jpg  Phyl Lobl, Tom Bromley 

8.  151-33.jpg  Phyl Lobl 

9.  151-34.jpg Colin Dryden 

10.  151-35.jpg  Colin Dryden 

11. 151-36.jpg  Colin Dryden 

12.   184A-03.jpg     Trevor Sutton & Derrick Chetwyn, 9th March 1972

13.  184A-05.jpg  Trevor Sutton 

14.  184A-06.jpg   Trevor Sutton & Derrick Chetwyn

15.  184A-08.jpg   Colin Dryden 

16.  184A-09.jpg   Colin Dryden 

17.   184A-10.jpg  Colin Dryden 

18.  184A-11 Colin Dryden.jpg

19.  184A-14.jpg  Colin Dryden 

20.  184A-15.jpg  Phyl Lobl 

21.  184A-16.jpg  Phyl Lobl 

22.  184A-18.jpg  Phyl Lobl 

23.  184A-20.jpg  Phyl Lobl 

24.  184A-21.jpg  Phyl Lobl 

25.  184A-23. jpg  Phyl Lobl 

26.  184A-24 Derrick Chatwyn 9-3-72.jpg

27.  184A-12.jpg   Colin Dryden 


Thursday, 9 February 2023

2013 Heritage Ball - A Touch of Regency

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Dave Johnson's  Heritage Ensemble site, 1983 to date

Wayne Richmond's Bush Music Club Heritage Ball site, 2004 to date

Heritage Ensemble photo © Wayne Richmond, used with permission, other photos © Sandra Nixon

1. Set up


2.  Set up 

3. Wendy Richmond

4. Arrivals fill in dance cards 

5.  An elegant couple 

7.  A soldier & a lady 

8. The elegant couple without wraps

9.  Dance cards

10.  Mini-me, the Belle of the Ball who also reigned at
2013 Bundanoon Dancefest

11.  Bill Propert 

12. Grand March 

13. Grand March 

14. Grand March 

15.  Dancers 

16.  dancers 

17.  Margaret Bolliger, Alex & Julie Bishop 

18.  Colin Fong & 

19.  Rosemary Fong - Debutant?

20.  Rosemary, Colin & Karen Fong 

21. Chaperone & debutant? 

23. Elegant Ladies 

24.  Filling in Dance card 

25.  Caller Anthony Simon 

26.  Caller Wendy Richmond 

27. Expert Minute dancer Cathy Richmond, demonstrates with her father 

28.  Minuet demonstration 

29.  Minuet demonstration 

30.  Minuet demonstration 

31.  Minuet demonstration 

32.  Minuet demonstration 

33.  Minuet demonstration 

34.  Minuet demonstration 

35.  Soldier 

36.  Dancers 

37.  Ralph Pride 

38.  Ladies 

39.  Kitchen 

40. Young ladies

41.  Turban 


43. Blue gown 

44. Blue gown swirling around 

45.  Karen & Margaret 

46. Green gown 

47.  Heritage Ensemble