Sunday 28 January 2018

The Art of John Dengate - Part 3

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The art of John Dengate Part 1 - (August 2015)

The Art of John Dengate - part 2. (January 2016)

At 2008 Illawarra Folk Festival John & Martin Pearson drew on the bar, (Sandra Nixon photos)

Drawings © John Dengate, used with permission of Dale Dengate

1.  Ballad of 1891

2.  Blade Shearers

3.  Goorianawa

4.  Lounging on the sofas

5.  Ryebuck shearer

6.  Shearing in a bar

7.  Shearing in a bar too

8. Shearer

9.  John's Scrabble doodle (Chris Woodland Collection) 
(BMC Archives)

10. One of John's earliest known cartoons, drawn in 1957 at Teacher's College, a comment upon one of the teaching students who asked an irrelevant question to the demonstration teacher doing a presentation. It was given to the questioner & recently given to Dale. (Dale Dengate collection)

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