Saturday 27 January 2018

Dale & John Dengate Parody Mug, Illawarra Folk Festival 2018 - report from Dale Dengate

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The mug & its box.

Report on 2014 - 2017

Report from Dale

Entrants - 15 entertaining and thoughtful clever parodies.

It was almost impossible to say that one was better than another as the standard was high, but an award had to be made.

I was pleased when Noel Gardner from Malaney accepted the engraved tankard, he mentioned that in 1989 he heard John sing at the National Folk Festival at Malaney and was inspired to write and to think about using parody to enforce his strong environmental messages.

1.   John Warner

2.  That very irreverent mob with ukuleles, Les Matthews & Colin Charlton

3. Noel Gardner

4. Jennifer Lees

5.  Jane Scott

6.  Paul Spencer

7.  Last Visible Dog

9.  Jim Chapman

10.  Peter Willey

11.  Sue Gee

12.  Russell Churcher singing about that most talked about male health problem - women laugh, men cringe - which
won the John Dengate Special Rectal Bleeding Calypso Award ...

13. C.J. Shaw

14.  Kevin Donegin

15. Steve Wilson

Unfortunately there was not enough time for the contribution from Robin Sykes.

I was grateful for Gail Copley, who recited John's 1971 poem Liberal Leadership while we looked through our notes and decided on a winner.
Thanks to Cameron who helped organise performers on stage and adjudicate.

Highly Commended included Jennifer Lees, Jane Scott and Paul Spencer, while Russell Croucher won the John Dengate Special Rectal Bleeding Calypso Award

Dale Dengate


Dale started with a few of John's best songs

MC ComradeSirBigRuss was a bit late

Dale announcing the results - the Winner, Noel Gardner

(Photos - Sandra Nixon)


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