Tuesday 16 January 2018

Report on Concert Party's 60th Anniversary party, Dec 2017

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Thanks to Bob Vickery, Brian Jonathon & Ross for photos

Lighting the candles (Bob Vickery photo)

Emily blew out the candles (Brian Jonathon photo)


Simon, Eric

BrianJ, Sharyn, BrianF, Allen,

Sierra, Eddy


Kerry, Chris, Rose,

Kerry, Lynne, Sandra


Kerry, Allen

Terry, Rick, Simon

Eddy, Simon


Lexie, Pat, Sandra, Sharyn, Rose

Lexie, Pat, Bob, Sandra

Pat, Bob, Sharyn


Sharyn, Gail

Kevin, Dave, Terry


Mark, John, Lynne

Kate, John, Lynne, Dot

Dot, Eddy

Ralph, Allen, Rick

Michaela, Ralph

Eddy, Nancy
Night time photos by Ross

Chris, Emily


Chris, Emily, Mark, Stephanie


Kevin, Lynne

Eric, Kevin, Simon

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