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BMC Anniversaries - 15th, October 1969

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1969 calendar

Found in 1969 correspondence file as Mr Burke had left his address.

from the Ken Fairey Collection
Extracts from Newsletters
January 1969
15th Anniversary dinner 8pm Friday 24th October at Ox on The Rocks, near Circular Quay railway. Proposed menu - seafood cocktails, steak, & fresh fruit salad, coffee, liquid refreshments for $5 per head, a saving of $1 on the menu. (for those who weren't around in 1969, or don't remember prices, I was earning $25 a week in my first job in 1970, a fortune after $2 weekly pocket money - Sandra)

 March 1969
Singabout Evening for our 15th Anniversary, Sat 22nd March, 8pm. 2nd floor, Vine House. BWIU Hall, 535 George st. Songs & dances in the good old bush style. Special guest artists & BMC Concert Party. Supper including a birthday cake decorated with gum leaves, nuts & little replicas of the Australian bush instruments
May 1969 Newsletter

The club's colours are green & gold!

July 1969
Tickets are available for 15th Anniversary dinner $5 per head. (includes food & drink) 24th October, 1969 at Ox on the Rocks, Circular Quay.


Woman's Day, October 6th, 1969 - Tuena Easter 1969  (BMC Archives)

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