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BMC Anniversaries - 15th, October 1969

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1969 calendar

Found in 1969 correspondence file as Mr Burke had left his address.

from the Ken Fairey Collection
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Extracts from Newsletters

January 1969
15th Anniversary dinner 8pm Friday 24th October at Ox on The Rocks, near Circular Quay railway. Proposed menu - seafood cocktails, steak, & fresh fruit salad, coffee, liquid refreshments for $5 per head, a saving of $1 on the menu. (for those who weren't around in 1969, or don't remember prices, I was earning $25 a week in my first job, a fortune after $2 weekly pocket money.)

 March 1969
Singabout Evening for our 15th Anniversary, Sat 22nd March, 8pm. 2nd floor, Vine House. BWIU Hall, 535 George st. Songs & dances in the good old bush style. Special guest artists & BMC Concert Party. Supper including a birthday cake decorated with gum leaves, nuts & little replicas of the Australian bush instruments
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~May 1969 Newsletter

The club's colours are green & gold!


July 1969
Tickets are available for 15th Anniversary dinner $5 per head. (includes food & drink) 24th October, 1969 at Ox on the Rocks, Circular Quay.


Woman's Day, October 6th, 1969 - Tuena Easter 1969  (BMC Archives)

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