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Bob Bolton Collection - Ben Hall Festival, Carcoar 30th-31st October 1971 - overview

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Photos © Bob Bolton, captions supplied by Ann & Frank Maher, 13/3/18.
There were 3 main components to/of the Carcoar Festival:  The Street Parade, the re-enactment at the bank, and the dance in the hall.
Ben Hall was played by a descendant of Ben, but Frank is unsure now if he was a grandson or great grandson. Spectators milled around Ben Hall outside the Bank so thickly that he couldn’t get off his horse to do the deed. 

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Bob Bolton Collection - 711031, Film A - Ben Hall Festival Carcoar, 30th-31st October 1971
Bob Bolton Collection - 711031, Film B - Ben Hall Festival Carcoar, 30-31st October 1971
Bob Bolton collection - 711031, Film C - Ben Hall Festival Carcoar, 30-31st October 1971

1. John Dengate, picnic, Carcoar

2.  Street Parade - Ken Greenhalgh flute; Eric Bolton banjo;  John Dengate guitar;  Ann Maher  lagerphone;   Frank Maher bones

3. Eric Bolton back view, seated,  John Dengate in middle of truck,   Ken Greenhalgh and Jamie Carlin on edge of truck, Ann and Frank Maher at back.

4.  Ann and Frank standing at back of truck in the street parade 

5.  Eric banjo,   Ken flute,  Jamie concertina, Frank and Ann standing







9 ,10  & 11- Newsletter, Sept 1971


12 & 13 - Newsletter, December 1971

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