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Bob Bolton Collection - Concert at Turner Hall, Ultimo, 7th October 1977

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email from Ralph Pride who scanned these negatives - “Turner Hall” was a BMC festival around 76 or 77 there are also some of Bob’s black & white photos from the same event elsewhere.      (Photos © Bob Bolton)

BMC's First Bush Music Festival was held on 24th-26th October, 1975, the Second on 7th-9th October 1977, both included concerts at Turner Hall. (updated, 1st May 2020)
From the Archives - 1977, 2nd Bush Music Festival
From the Archives - 1975, first Bush Music Festival
Bob Bolton Collection - Concert at Turner Hall, Ultimo 1975

1.  Sally Sloane


3.  Ralph Pride

4.  Bob Murray

5.  Bob Murray

6.   Dave de Hugard

  Dave de Hugard

  Dave de Hugard

Dave de Hugard

  Dave de Hugard

  Dave de Hugard

.  Dave de Hugard

13. Phyl Lobl

14.Phyl Lobl

15. Abercrombie Bush Band - Len Neary (bush bass), Chris Moore, Andy Saunders, John Ramshaw, Richard Evans
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