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Early Members - Chris Woodland

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Newsletter, September 1967 p.1 - forthcoming move of Chris & Virginia to the bush.

1. Wild Colonial Days Society   (Chris & Virginia Woodland collection)

Singabout 6(2) 1967, page 15

2.  Singabout 6(2) 1967, p.10 , photo by John Meredith, c.1963

3.  Woody at Walden, c. 1963, photo by John Meredith   (Chris & Virginia Woodland collection)

4.  John Meredith with Virginia & Chris (Chris & Virginia Woodland collection)
5. Virginia (then Brown, later Woodland), John Meredith & Chris Woodland at a Donahoe cave on the Moore's property near The Oaks. c.1965. Photo by John Meredith. (Chris & Virginia Woodland collection)

6. Pewter mug presented to Chris by BMC members when he left Sydney. (Chris & Virginia Woodland collection)


8. Folk Forum members, NLA 1st November, 1985
Mark Cranfield (NLA), Chris Sullivan, Klaus Hueneke, Sandra Dolby Stahl (Harold White Scholar), Peter Parkhill, Terry McGee (NLA), Alan Scott, Edgar Waters (NLA), Chris Woodland, Kevin Bradley (NLA). (Chris & Virginia Woodland collection)

9. John Meredith & Chris Woodland, NLA
(BMC Archives)

10. Merro’s 76th birthday, 17th January, 1996. Merro, Chris Woodland, Bob Hart & John Dengate's pate!   Photo taken at the Dengate's home by Dale Dengate.
11. Chris & Virginia Woodland, Jamie Carlin, Frank Maher.

BMC's Memorial for John Dengate, November 2013. (Sandra Nixon photo)
12-13. Chris with Joy McKean, Milton-Ulladullah Times, 4 Jan 2012


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