Thursday 18 July 2013

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This site Reason in Revolt - Source Documents of Australian Radicalism is hosted at the University of Melbourne Department of Social and Political Sciences and Monash University Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies. 

Reason in Revolt project aims to bring together primary source documents of Australian radicalism as a readily accessible digitised resource. By 'radical' we refer to those who aimed to make society more equal and to emancipate the exploited or oppressed. As it grows and develops, the project website will become an expanding record of the movements, institutions, venues and publications through which radicals sought to influence Australian society.

History of Melbourne New Theatre,

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extract from  New Theatre Melbourne, 50 Years of New Theatre. Melbourne N.T. 1936-86, Melbourne, 1986, 54 pp. the origin of Reedy River


 Selections from Reedy River, Diaphon record, 1955 


  • Diamond, Dick, Widgeegoweera Joe, 1955. MP3 Details
  • Diamond, Dick, Ballad of '91, 1955. MP3 Details
  • Diamond, Dick, Reedy lagoon, 1955. MP3 Details
  • Diamond, Dick, Banks of the Condamine, 1955. MP3 Details
  • Diamond, Dick, Old black billy, 1955. MP3 Details
  • Diamond, Dick, Reedy river, 1955. MP3 Details
  • Diamond, Dick, Eumerella shore, 1955. MP3 Details
  • Diamond, Dick, Click go the shears, 1955. MP3 Details
  • Diamond, Dick, Selections from Reedy river - Liner Notes, 1955. PDF Details
  • Dick, Diamond, Four little Johnny cakes, 1955. MP3 Details


Tuesday 2 July 2013

Bush Music Club’s 60th Anniversary Song, Tune & Verse Writing Competition

As part of the Bush Music Club’s 60th Anniversary celebrations in 2014, the club is holding a Song, Tune and Verse Writing Competition. There are four different categories and the main condition is that compositions are based on an Australian theme and have a traditional Australian style.


  1. ORIGINAL SONG – of entirely original words with original music or set to a traditional tune.
  2. NEW TUNE / OLD WORDS – an original tune for an existing poem.
  3. DANCE, TUNE or AIR – a new tune not intended as a song.
  4. VERSE – new rhymed verse not necessarily intended as a song.

1. Compositions should be based on an Australian theme.

2. Compositions should be written in a traditional Australian style.

3. Up to three entries per category per person may be submitted.

4. Entries should not have been published prior to January 2013

5. Copyright is retained by the author(s), but the Bush Music Club reserves the right to copy the material for its archives, and to publish the entries in Mulga Wire.

6. All entries must be received by 31st December 2013.

7. It is hoped that winning entries will be performed during the various events in 2014.

8. The following information should be included with each entry:

* Title of song, tune or verse 
* Category of entry

* Name and address of composer(s) 
* Contact email and/or phone number

* Age (if under 18) 
* Number of entries submitted

9. To assist in judging, each entry should include both a recording of the entry and a transcription of the entry (words and music). It is helpful to have only one entry per recording.

10. There is no entry fee.

11. The prize in each category is $100.

Send entries to
BMC 60th Anniversary Song, Tune & Verse Competition
GPO Box 433
Sydney 2001

Enquiries or Entries to : bmcmail1954 (at)