Thursday 27 August 2015

Photos from 2nd John Dengate Memorial Get Together, August 2015

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Thanks to Max Elbourne & his daughter Leyne Elbourne (webmaster of the John Dengate page ) for organising the afternoon.

 cake made by Jenny Watson

Dale Dengate

The John Dengate Running Book

Max Elbourne & Leyne Elbourne
Leyne Elbourne, Max Elbourne & Dale Dengate
Poster based on drawing by Martin Pearson


Bob Campbell
 Chloe & Jason Roweth
 Colleen Burke
 Dale Dengate & Max Elbourne
 Dengate grandchildren with mother & uncle Lachlan

 Sean Dengate

 Early Bush Music Club members Frank & Ann Maher with Dale Dengate
  Early Bush Music Club members Frank & Ann Maher  with Dale Dengate
BMC member Frank Bulgin

 Roweth family
 Jason Roweth
unknown, Angie,  Lachlan Dengate

 Lachlan Dengate & Bob Campbell
 Leyne Elbourne
Margaret Walters & Chris Maltby
 Peter Russell
 Roweth Family Band
 Seamus Gill
 Spoons ensemble

photos - Sandra Nixon

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Report on Saplings session March 2015

Unfortunately the date coincided with the St Patrick's Day parade so attendance was low, but the students and their parents had a good time playing together.

 Sean, Helen, Tony


Narelle, Christina, Tomas, Helen,Tony, Hannah

Chris & Emily

 back - Chris, Emily & Sean, front - Hannah, Steve


Hannah, Narelle & Steve

Tomas, Sean, Hannah, Emily, Maggie

Helen & Tony & Sean

Helen & Tony
 Tomas leads a shanty
Tomas & Sean

Brian & Sean
 Christina & Tomas
 Narelle & Hannah
Steve & Maggie