Thursday 27 August 2015

Report on Saplings Master Class - held Sunday 6th August 2015

24 young musicians and aspiring musicians attended our 2nd Masterclass, learnt a lot, played music together, ate pizza & had fun! 

Tutors - 
Beck Richmond (beginners) 
Dave Johnson (advanced)
Jason Roweth (intermediate)
Tony Romeo (percussion)
Darri Adamson (beginner whistle)
Caroline Barrell (advanced whistle)
Chris Poleson 

Admin -
Kerry Doherty 
Helen Romeo

Thanks also to the parents who helped out.

Students joined the session as they arrived, then divided into groups for lessons with their tutors.

Dave's advanced group
Jason's intermediate group
Tony's percussion group

Caroline's advanced whistle group

Darri's beginner whistle group

Darri's group learning a simple tune

Whistle practice before lunch

24 pizzas for 24 students & 15 adults! Some boxes were taken home
 Tony's percussion group
 Helen showing percussion class how to play the spoons

Everyone had a chance to try an instrument they had not played before

The washboard attracted a lot of attention as it made some very loud and raucous noises!


At 3pm parents returned for the Concert


Beck's beginner group
Caroline's advanced whistle group

Darri's beginner whistle group
 Dave's advanced group
Tony's percussion group

Jason's intermediate group

 The concert finished with a dance to the music provided by Eavan (lagerphone), Jason (guitar), Megan (bush bongos), Maggie (fiddle), Vanessa (fiddle), Dave (concertina), Darri (whistle), Caroline (whistle), Steve (Maggie & Vanessa's dad, guitar)



When we gather everyone for the group photo, we don't want a boring formal study, so we say Be silly ...

and naturally, the paparazzi are there in force -

photos - Sandra Nixon


  1. You guys rock! well, maybe not rock but bush! Thank you so much for the day - i can see all the kids really enjoyed it and the time and energy you put in will only reflect in the kids positively. Kim

  2. Well done Sandra - great mementos of a terrific day.