Thursday, 20 August 2015

A selection of items from the Dengate Archives

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Thanks to Dale Dengate who allowed the following items to be scanned before they joined John's other papers at the National Library.

The singing session in that fine old inner city pub, the Glengarry Hotel in Redfern lasted for about 20?? years, until September 2013 when the new owner decided to renovate & cater to the new inner city residents.

Order form for 1997 CD, Follies of Pollies

Glebe & Inner West Weekly, Wed 3rd March,1997 advertising John's appearance at The Loaded Dog Folk Club


Ad for 16th National Folk Festival at Sydney University, Sydney Morning Herald, 6th April, 1982


Bush Music Club LP record to be recorded Sat 2nd August, 1969 - carbon copy
cast - Jamie Carlin, Frank Maher, John Dengate, Dave , Dale Dengate, Elaine Thornhill. 
Alas, the recording never happened so the LP was not made.


Setlists, Old Parliament House, 23rd January & 13th February, 2000


Workshop - Don't Go Busking on my Street Corners, Jamberoo, no date


Setlist - Woolly Yarns


Workshop, Political Songs from Menzies to Howard, St Albans, 1997


Sporting Heroes workshop


City of Sydney Information for Buskers - 1993


ABC Song - Hawk your charms, Aunty, 1991


song - Hey, Johnny Laws, undated


song - The Melbourne Goes Through, 1963 or 1964


Draft of When the Pope Comes to Town in July


song - Charlie's Coming to Timbertop - 1965, not 1956


Draft of untitled song about Gulf War, 1990-91

Bush Music Club Rounds

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