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Bush Music Club coat of arms

Drawn by Ann Darcy in the 80s

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Bob Bolton Collection - Dance in the Drill Hall, Hut 24, Addison Road Centre, 1982

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Monday 1st March 1982, Dance class, Hut 24, 7.30pm, cost 50cents, Contact Helen Brain (now Romeo)

A lively correspondence, at first in emails, drawing in further members as their names were suggested, then on our Facebook page, led to identification of many of the dancers and musicians in the photos. 

Special thanks to all as the photos that circulated were copies, and not high resolution.

from Sharyn Mattern
Yes, it's the Hut at the end of the road.
I recognise Andrew Park and Mark Egan.  I'll put it on FB and see what response I get.
If it's 1982 then I won't be in the pic as I didn't start coming until 1983.
Pic number 82031A - with the men going from the right - men 5, 6, 7 - look like like Andrew Park (dark pants light shirt), Mark Egan (light shorts and dark top) and George Bolliger (I think with beard, dark pants and light shirt).
But will come back to you after further investigations!!
from Colin Fong

In the first photo, the only person I recognised is Sally Leslie who is the caller, standing at the far right.
In the second photo is Wendy Richmond, 4th from the left, in the row of females and in the middle is Sally Leslie with Lance Green. The fifth female on the left, either Sharyn or Pauline Cambourne or Wendy Richmond would recognise.
On the right amongst the males, it looks like one of the Bolliger brothers, and about two from him, it looks like Heather Clarke's brother.
The first female on the left might be Pauline Cambourne, but I have never seen her with long hair. This was a year before I joined the BMC. 

Sharyn identified a Mark Egan, but I think it is Mark Dabbs. 

from Mark Egan 
(this pic would be the one with ladies on the left and men on the right)
Ok. the first four Men L to Right: Allen Phillips, Me, Sorren (forgot his last name), Andrew Parks.  I had hair back then.

from Julie Prior
Lance Green and Sally Leslie in centre dancing.
I think the last female in black singlet and long hair is Jenny Robinson (née Pryor) and yours truly 3rd female from back short hair. The good old days.

Don Richmond
Hut 24. Lionel Swift (harmonica), Helen ? (Concertina). Mark Dabbs (no shoes) on end at right, Kate at end on left. Wendy Richmond 4 from left.  (or Wendy Owen then)

from Helen Romeo

Ha - boys on one side - girls on the other!

Yes I recognise lots of people.
The Band:
That's me playing concertina - Lionel Swift playing mouthorgan - the box player was a NZ musician called Barry (don't know his 2nd name but I do know he died some years ago).  Don't know who is playing bush bass.

Sally Leslie (nee Stevens) is the caller - demonstrating with Lance Green.

The dancers:
The girls on the left starting from the front:
Kate Dabbs (can't remember her unmarried name)
The next girl looks familiar
I think the next one is Jeanette (one of the nurses - the one who died in an accident)
Wendy Richmond
Julie Pryor
I think the next one is Wendy another nurse but she doesn't seem tall enough (I can't remember her surname but my friend Julie will know and she can confirm Jeanette as she was one of the nurses too)
Jenny Pryor

At the very back - I think that is Tony sitting down

The boys on the right starting from the front:
Mark Dabbs
Not sure of the next three
Andrew Park with beard and curly hair
After Andrew is a bloke from
Scandinavia on working hols, he came to all the dances but I can't remember his name
George Bolliger
Allan Phillips

It's a bit hard to see everyone's face on the screen but I am surprised Stuart is not there and Don. Also Julie Furneaux, Heather Clark (Andrew Park's sister) and Margaret Bolliger (she came with Wendy) but there are people sitting down and looks like 10 couples in the circle dance.

So, thank to Sharyn Mattern, Colin Fong, Pauline Cambourn (who all arrived in 1983), Heather Clarke, Mark Egan, Julie Prior, Don Richmond and Helen Romeo who were all there!

females - 
centre couple - Lance Green & Sally Leslie

Band - 

The Band:

That's me (Helen Romeo) playing concertina - Lionel Swift playing mouthorgan - the box player was a NZ musician called Barry (don't know his 2nd name but I do know he died some years ago). Don't know who is playing bush bass.

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BMC Anniversaries - 60th Anniversary slide show from the Diamond Jubilee Concert, Saturday 30th August 2014 -3rd article.

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Thanks to Helen & Tony Romeo for organising the slide show of 200 images.

1.  Heritage Ensemble rehearsal, George Bolliger

Heritage Ensemble rehearsal, Arthur Heckendorf

Heritage Ensemble rehearsal, Hannah Fong

  Heritage Ensemble rehearsal   - James Johnson

Heritage Ensemble rehearsal, Dave Johnson
Heritage Ensemble rehearsal 

Heritage Ensemble rehearsal, Simon Farrugia & Micehael Simoni 

  Heritage Ensemble rehearsal, Chris Poleson   

9.  Saplings @ NFF14, Beck Richmond, Steve Lockwood
  (Sandra Nixon photo)

Saplings @ NFF14, Beck Richmond    (Sandra Nixon photo)

11.  Saplings @ NFF14, Helen Romeo  
  (Sandra Nixon photo)

12. Saplings Master class, 2014 
(Sandra Nixon photo)

13. Saplings Masterclass, 2014
  (Sandra Nixon photo)

14.   Saplings Masterclass, 2014 
  (Sandra Nixon photo)

15.  Saplings Masterclass, 2014    (Sandra Nixon photo)

16.  Saplings Masterclass, 2014    (Sandra Nixon photo)

.  Saplings Masterclass, 2014    (Sandra Nixon photo)

18. BMC @ Zig-Zag railway - Stuart Leslie

BMC @ Zig-Zag railway  (Sam O'Brien pic)

20. Railway songs book launched 2010 NFF

21. Bob Bolton @ Railway Songs launch, NFF10 (Sandra NIxon photo)
22.  2012 Heritage Ball - Grand March, Wendy & Don Richmond, Sharyn Mattern & Peter Bonner

 23. Heritage Ensemble, 2013 Heritage Ball

24. 2013 Heritage Ball

25.  Balmain dance, Dec 2008  (Bob Bolton photo)

26.  John Dengate at 2012 book launch (Chris Woodland photo) 

27.  Concert Party, Bulli 2008   (Sandra Nixon photo)
28.  Bundanoon11 - Anthony Simon calling  (Sandra Nixon photo)

29. Bundanoon11 - Sally Leslie calling  (Sandra Nixon photo)

30.  Chris Kempster (Bob Bolton photo)

31.  Saplings Kangaroo Valley 2014 
(Sandra Nixon photo)

32. Don Richmond calling, Heritage Ball

33. Heritage Ball

34.  Heritage Ensemble, National Folk Festival

35.  National Folk Festival

Heritage Ensemble, National Folk Festival

39. Heritage Ball - Wilga MacDonald, Bob Foggin

40. Heritage Ball - Adrienne Unger & Colin Fong

41.  Eric Eisler & Wayne Richmond

42.  Family Bush Dance rehearsal, NFF 2014 (Sandra Nixon photo)

43.  Saplings, KV14
  (Sandra Nixon photo)

44.  Heritage Ensemble 2008

45.  Heritage Ensemble, 2008 - Brian Dunnett & Ralph Pride

46.  Murray Darlings, Annandale Bush dance, 2009? Sue McMahon, Amanda Daly, Anne Pidcock, Samantha O'Brien, Wendy Richmond, Helen Romeo, Jess Randall

47.  Goulburn Gathering, Bush Traditions, 2014.

Goulburn Gathering, Bush Traditions, 2014

Goulburn Gathering, Bush Traditions, 2014

50.   Heritage Ball, Parramatta, Keith Wood & Trecialee Murphy

51.  Saplings, Kangaroo Valley, 2014  (Sandra Nixon photo)

52.  NFF2013, Family Bush band (Sandra Nixon photo)

NFF2013, Family Bush band (Sandra Nixon photo)

NFF2013, Family Bush band (Sandra Nixon photo)

55.  Peter Bonner, Heritage Ball Parramatta
56.  Sam O'Brien, Heritage Ball, Parramatta - Heritage Ensemble
57.   Ralph Pride
58. Heritage Ball, Sandra Nixon

59. Songwriting workshop with Phyl Lobl, 2014. (Sandra Nixon photo)

60.  Southern Cross's 30th birthday, Balmain Town Hall Christmas dance, December 2010. Pete McMahon, Chris Poleson, Anne Pidcock, Richard Shaw, Dave Johnson, Samantha O'Brien, Helen Romeo, Tony Romeo. Photo in the background shows Helen Romeo, Pete McMahon, Andrew Studer & Tony Tomeo

61. Heritage Ensemble, 3 concertina players - Jill Stubington, Helen Romeo & Richard Evans

62.  Heritage Ensemble, 3 fiddlers - Wilga McacDonald, Ralph Pride, Bill Montgomery

63. 3 young ladies at the
Heritage Ball, Naomi Bolliger, Rebecca Richmond, Suzie Bolliger

64.  Heritage Ensemble, Tony Stuart

65.  Tune Swap, Concert Party & No Such Thing, Kiama (Sandra Nixon photo)

66.  Heritage Ball, Wendy R

67. Doug Richardson, John Dengate Memorial Concert, Turning Wave, 2013 (Sandra Nixon photo)

68. Ralph Pride & Frank Maher, John Dengate Memorial Concert, Turning Wave, 2013  (Sandra Nixon photo)

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