Thursday 14 December 2017

Visit by Steve Wixon of the Rhythm Bones Society (USA)

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In 1997 when the Internet was young an American woman set up a website as a gift to a bones-playing father - what else to do you give to a person who doesn't want anything?

In May 1998 Bob Bolton started a thread Dem Bones on the two year old American-based Mudcat Cafe site asking about bones, & sometime later sent his biography to the site.

Steve Wixon from the Rhythm Bones Society recently visited Sydney & a group of players gathered to meet him. Bob was unable to be there as were several out-of-Sydney members. 

Dale Dengate, 2-handed player
Frank Maher (bones player since late '50s), Dale
Steve & Wally Bolliger

 Dale & Ann

Sharyn has had unsuccessful lessons from Wally over the years, but after 2 lessons from Steve was playing!

Dale, Wally, Steve, Sharyn, Ann & Frank
A few weeks later Sharyn demonstrated her bones technique to Wally's brother George

(photos - Sandra Nixon)

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