Saturday 2 December 2017

Report on Bush Traditions Back to Binalong, 17-19th November, 2017

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A note on the history of Binalong.

Harry & Vera's graves

Val Turton's grave

Harry's house, built 1935, viewed from the Mechanics Institute Hall

former Golden Fleece Inn (1851) where Harry once lived

Harry's granddaughter, Lilian with her 2 daughters & their families

Harry's music @ Lilian's party

Harry's descendants & friends waltzing to one of his tunes

Session on the music & songs of Harry Cotter

Linda & Alan Swift
There once was a fellow from Binalong.

Melodeon and fiddle he played upon.
Schottische or a jig, a waltz or a reel.
Harry Cotter would play and they’d dance along.
                                  Linda Swift

Ray Milligan Tony Stuart & Dave Johnson

Bob Toohey on bush bass, & unidentified accordionist

George Bolliger & Bob Toohey

Tony Romeo, Stuart & Sally Leslie

31 musicians participated in the Tunes of Harry Cotter workshop


Sing around the songs of Banjo Paterson

Dave Johnson

Don Brian singing from 1905 edition of Paterson's Old Bush Songs.

Dave Johnson, Helen & Tony Romeo

Ralph Pride

Ralph's concertina & tablet

Ralph Pride, Don Brian, Gavin & Moir Holmes

Grave of Banjo Paterson's father
The weekend started with a poet's breakfast at the Black Swan Cafe built in 1847 as the Black Swan Inn 

Helen Romeo & Robyn Sykes

Gavin Holmes


And not forgetting the concertinas ...

Kathie McMahon, Dave de Hugard, Steve Wilson, Carole Helman, & Jackie Luke

Jackie Luke with hammered dulcimer, Greg Wilson, Pete McMahon

Pete (fiddle) & Sue (musical saw) McMahon & Kathie McMahon (no relation) on accordion

Greg Wilson's concertina workshop

and the informal sessions

Steve Wilson, George Bolliger & Richard, with Arthur Heckendorf' (back)

Kathie McMahon, Denis McKay, Ray Mulligan, Dave de Hugard

Dave de Hugard

session at the front desk

Gavin, Linda, Alan & Moir at breakfast

or the bush dances on Friday & Saturday nights

Harry's granddaughter Lilian dancing with Dave Johnson

Friday's band

Saturday's band

(photos Sandra Nixon)


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