Monday 18 December 2017

Report on BMC @ Bush Traditions Gathering, October 2014

Old Goulburn Brewery, Australia's oldest surviving brewery complex, built in the 1830s & 40s.

As it was BMC's 60th Anniversary,
BMC members were well represented on the program - Bob Foggin
Chris Poleson
Chris Woodland
Darri Adamson
Dave Johnson
John Poleson
Monty (Bill Montgomery)
Peter Cahill
Ralph Pride
Tony Stuart

BMC members were aalso nvolved in the following -

Ball Fashions  BMC @ Bush Traditions, Goulburn 2014 - Ball & dance fashions
Homemade Instruments
Percussion workshop
Southern Cross


Sharyn Mattern photos

Dave Johnson, Helen Romeo & Chris Woodland were given their Life Member badges

Yvonne O'Grady, Bob Bolton, Kath O'Grady  
(Sharyn Mattern photo)

 Ann Maher (Sharyn Mattern photo)

 Bob Bolton with one of many lagerphones he has made (Sharyn Mattern photo)
Early members - Bob Bolton (c.1962), Chris Woodland (c.1961/62 who remembers Bob arriving at BMC with his father & older brother for his first meeting aged about 16), Frank Maher (1955) (Sharyn Mattern photo)

(Sharyn Mattern photo)

 Brian Freeman & Colin Fong (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Bruce Watson, winner of 60th Anniversary Song competition (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Bob Foggin & Chris Woodland (Sharyn Mattern photo)
Jude Bertolin & Tony Stuart  (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Pete Cahill & Sam O'Brien
(Sharyn Mattern photo)

Chris Poleson & John Poleson spinning yarns (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Ralph Pride (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Ralph Pride, Bob Murray & Dave Johnson  (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Tony Romeo, Ray Mulligan, Sam O'Brien (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Saplings (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Tony Romeo & Chris Poleson (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Try an Instrument ...

Duelling masters
(Sharyn Mattern photos)

Darri  - whistle player
(Sharyn Mattern photo)

Adrian & Roni from Canberra     (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Brian - percussionist (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Colin - dancer
(Sharyn Mattern photo)

Dave with Canberrans Adrian & Roni (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Mariamma - keyboards & fiddle
(Sharyn Mattern photo)

(Sharyn Mattern photo)

Moira - flute & fiddle
(Sharyn Mattern photo)

Jude - whistle & recorders  (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Mike - dancer (Sharyn Mattern photo)

(Sharyn Mattern photo)


Sandra Nixon photos

Yvonne & Kath O'Grady (Sandra Nixon photo)

 Ray Mulligan & Glenis (Sandra Nixon photo)

Naomi moved away from the camp to practice & found that cows like clarinet music  (Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

Arminal & Pat Ryan (Sandra Nixon photo)

Ann Maher, Chris Woodland
(Sandra Nixon photo)

Chris Poleson (Sandra Nixon photo)

 Concert Party workshop (Sandra Nixon photo)

Don Richmond, Wendy Richmond, Michelle Bolliger (Sandra Nixon photo)

Moira Cowie (Sandra Nixon photo)

Frank Maher with bones (Sandra Nixon photo)

 Garry Tooth, who appeared in the first Queensland production of Reedy River as a member of the Morton Bay Bushwhackers, 1959 (Sandra Nixon photo)

Handmade instruments with Ray Gurney, Bob Bolton & Brian Freeman

Ray Gurney with Brie (Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

Bob Bolton (Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

Lagerphone in it's travelling case (Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

Lagerphonists Tony Romeo & Ann Maher
(Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)
Old members reunion


Ann Maher (1960), Frank Maher (1955), Bob Foggin (1970s), Chris Woodland (1961/62) (Sandra Nixon photo) 

Ann Maher, Frank Maher,
Ralph Pride (1963) (Sandra Nixon photo)
(Sandra Nixon photo)

Tony & Helen Romeo (Sandra Nixon photo)

The reunion ended with everyone standing to sing Ballad of 1891, as was done in the early days.
(Sandra Nixon photo)


Saplings sessions

(Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)

(Sandra Nixon photo)


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