Thursday 21 December 2017

Bob Bolton Collection - Mike Canning's music show for kids (2001 & 2002))

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14 photos were found in one of Bob's albums in BMC's Reference library, along with photos from events dated June & November 2001.
Photos 15-18 from archives are dated 021218
(photos © Bob Bolton)

Thanks to Ralph Pride for information about the shows.

I first met Mike when he joined Pinchgut Colonial Band in the 80's. He came from a film and acting background and gave the group a much improved stage presence. After Pinchgut folded in the 90's we got together again and produced our school shows - there were several of them mostly catering for different aspects of Aust. history curriculum. I learned a lot about stagecraft while working with Mike and he was an excellent teacher. He in turn learned a lot from me about Australian history and trad music. We toured for about 10 years up to his retirement circa 2004. shows - "100 Years", "The Wild Colonial Show", "The Federation Show" & "The Pinchgut Push Bush Bash" 
I subsequently teamed up with Colin Douglas who had toured schools around Australia on & off for 20 or more years himself and was eager to return to it after the closure of Old Sydney Town where he had been entertainments manager. We continued touring up to 2016 when he too retired and I called it quits as well. The shows, all of them, were very popular and successful not to mention satisfying and lucrative. With up to 200 shows or more per year over 25 - 26 years there must have been thousands of performances before a countless number of children throughout NSW and ACT and Victoria.













15.  021318 002

16.  021218 004
17.  021218 035
18.  021218 007
19.  021218 037

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