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BMC Anniversaries - 60th Anniversary slide show from the Diamond Jubilee Concert, Saturday 30th August 2014 -1st article.

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Thanks to Helen & Tony Romeo for organising the slide show of 200 images.

This article shows a subset of 67 photos given running numbers, perhaps scanning order. Further information about the events & people will be welcome.

1 -  Helen Brain (Romeo) & George Bolliger at a Subscription Ball

2  - 1980 Bush Music Festival

3 - George Bolliger, Chris Robinson, Wally Bolliger, back Helen Coates & Helen Romeo 

4 - This is the Concert Party after a job performing for the BMC and I don't know the date but about 1980, 81 or early 82.  Roy Harbour, Donna, Helen Romeo (Brain) with Michael Brain, Julie Furneaux, Bob Cole, Mrs Cole, John Merrick, John Coombes, Kay Daunton, Steve Lockwood, Tony Romeo and Mark Dabbs.

5 - Bush Music Festival at the ARCC, Marrickville - probably 1981 or 82
6. Concert Party @ The Rocks, Eric Eisler & George Bolliger, 
7.  Dancers at a Heritage Ball, Sydney Town Hall
Cooee Koala (Tony Romeo) at a Bush Music Festival, ARCC, Marrickville - probably 82.  Guitarists are Kim Duckmanton and Julie Furneaux
9. Ryebuck Bush Band,
Wally Bolliger, George Bolliger and I don't know the name of their bodrhan player - I think he was their friend from Canberra

10. Ryebuck Bush Band at a Bush Music Festival, ARCC, Marrickville ... Wally Bolliger, friend not regular member of the band, Dave Rowland, Alex, Bishop, Stuart Leslie, George Bolliger, Sally Leslie (Stevens)

11 - Ryebuck, Stuart Leslie, George Bolliger, Sally Stevens (Leslie)

12 - Dancing in the streets, Carcoar Festival, c.1980

13 - Julie Furneaux at Bush MusicFestival, ARC, early 80s
14- Pinchgut playing for a BMC Subscription Ball - Ralph Pride, Dave Johnson, Chris Moore and Richard Evans

15 & 16 - Bush Dance - I think it's Ray Grieve 2nd from left and George Bolliger third from right .... and is that Len Neary on the bush bass?
17 - Dancing @ a festival?

18 - BMC @ The Rocks (Bob Bolton photo?) 
Dave Rowland (guitarist from Ryebuck) in middle of picture

19 - St Albans Folk Festival and the dancers in the middle are Julie and Alex Bishop
20 - dance in a hall - Pat Bolton in the middle

21 -Yes a boatload of members.  The BMC hired Halverson Cruisers and had a weekend away, playing music and having fun on the Hawkesbury River.  We did this two or three times.  Those in the front of the boat are:  Ray (Skippy) Goninnon and Helen Romeo (Brain), Chris Robinson without shirt, Julie Pryor and Mark Dabbs  I can't see the other two people.

22 - Rouseabouts at Marble Bar, Hilton hotel for a St Patrick's Day beer promotion, with Deborah Hutton on her first modelling job.
Len Neary, Bob Bolton, Ray Grieve and unknown fiddle player at back .... in front is John Poleson, Declan Affley, Chris Kempster and Keith Snell

23 - Kim Duckmanton and Chris Robinson at a ball

24 - Dancers filling cards at a ball probably the Albert Palais or the Sydney Town Hall.   We can see Alan Phillips, Paul and Sue Weaver, George Bolliger, Heather Clarke (Park),  Annette Dwight and Frank, Bruno and Pam Gainsford

25 - BMC dancers & Concert Party @ The Rocks (Bob Bolton photo)
left to right is Mark Dabbs, Chris Robinson, Julie Pryor, Helen Romeo (Brain), Bob Cole, Bruno, George Bolliger, Tony Romeo, Stuart Leslie and Bob Brain
26  - BMC Float at Parramatta Foundation Week Celebration Parade... George Bolliger and Tony Romeo sitting - Yvonne O'Grady in back with piano accordion, Sue Pain in yellow dress and Bob Brain on bush bass

27 - Pinchgut with Sue Pain calling at a ball. The musicians are Mike Canning, Chris Moore, Bill Vernon? (should be but looks like Eric Eisler - best to ask Ralph) and Ralph Pride.  Amongst the dancers I can see Julie Furneaux, Alex Cronin, Paul Weaver, Lance Green, Jenny Pryor, Evy and Rob Mason, Tony Romeo, Helen Gonninon (Coates) and Ray "Skippy" Gonninon, Helen Romeo (Brain), Heather Clarke (Park) and Andrew Park and Lionel Swift

28 - Conversation at a Ball Sally Leslie (Stevens), Ray "Skippy" Gonninon and Helen Gonninon (Coates)

29 - Cooee Koala at a Bush Music Festival @ Addison Road Community Centre,
Julie Pryor with Tony Romeo as Cooee Koala

30 -
Heritage Ensemble at the Heritage Ball, Sydney Town Hall about 1983 or 84

31 - BMC Dancers at Heritage Ball, Sydney Town Hall... Julie Pryor and Don Richmond on left, then Sue Paine and Allan Phillips in back, Sue Bartos in front with Wendy Richmond on right

32 - Band in photo 27 Sue Pain calling ... behind is Bill Worsfold, Eric Eisler, Tony Romeo, ?, Ralph Pride, Dave Johnson and Annette Dwight in foreground

33 - Heritage Ensemble at the Heritage Ball at the Sydney Town Hall...
Ralph Pride at back, second line Tony Romeo, Allan Phillips (ring in - not playing), ?, Dave de Hugard, Dave Johnson, Richard Evans, Stuart Leslie, Helen Romeo, Annette Dwight, Kathy Worsfold, sitting down is Bill Worsfold, Eric Eisler and ?  the three callers are Julie
Pryor, Sally Leslie (Stevens), Sue Pain
 34 - Dave Johnson

35 -
This was a production of Australian History through song titled Australia since Captain Cook, or look what they've done to our songs written by Tony Romeo and Bob Bolton.  This was performed at the National Folk Festival at Sydney University. The players/singers / dancers were all Bush Music Club Members - current and past Concert Party. In this photo we see performing John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, Chris Kempster and Alan Scott.

36 - BMC @ The Rocks with John Coombes on bagpipes and Bob Cole on bodhran
37 - Cooee Koala with fans

38 - dancers Annette Dwight and Frank
39 - Rouseabouts - Ralph Pride, Richard Evans, Dave Johnson, Keith Snell, Ray Grieve, Bob Bolton and Eric Eisler

40 -
Bush Music Club Festival at Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville
Ryebuck's PA was used for the outside concert (and at the Opera House) so the band is not necessarily Ryebuck.... these musicians are from Inland Navigators, The BMC Concert Party and others

41 - Vinegar Hill Bush Band at the BMC Festival Opera House Concert.  Jamie Carlin on concertina

42 - One of BMC Camping weekends, Dance at Abercrombie Caves April 1982.  Front Anne Pidcock, probably James Johnson in pram, Dave Johnson, Tony Romeo and Greg Wilson, at the back is Michael and Bob Brain and Bob Murray with guitar.
43 -  Grand March at a very early ball (1978 or 79?) with Sally Leslie (Stevens) and Stuart Leslie leading.  I think the band is Reedy River Bushmen with Barry Collison on banjo and Frank Maher on bush bass ... and is that Jamie on concertina?  Reedy River Bushmen and Rousabouts played for the 1st Subscription Ball in 1978

44 -  More of the "From Captain Cook ...." production at National Folk Festival Sydney Uni.  Chris Robinson is the trooper rounding up the convicts which included Sally Stevens, Julie Pryor, Soren (far left), Mark Dabbs and others

45 -Alan Scott dancing with Gay Scott and Frank and Ann Maher

46 - Gentleman - Yes, Bob Cole was a gentleman

47 - BMC Dancers at the Opera House forecourt for either Heritage Week or Carnivale. 
Left to right Sue Paine and Tony Romeo, Stuart Leslie and Julie Pryor, Sally Leslie (Stevens) and Alan Phillips.  We think the fourth couple is Helen Romeo (Brain) and Don Richmond ... or I could have been playing

48 -  Bennelong Bush Band at Glebe Town Hall - Julie Furneaux on guitar, John Coombes, Helen Romeo (Brain), Alex Cronin. Dancer facing camera is Sue Bartos

49 - Rouseabouts - full picture of a cropped image here   Bob Thompson? (fiddler), Dave Johnson, John Poleson, Bob Bolton, Keith Snell, Ray Grieve  Mark Poleson on bush bass and Chris Poleson on lagerphone

 50 - Ball - see also 59  Heritage Ball held at the Sydney Town Hall - the balloons are yellow and green (BMC colours)
51 - Concert Party @ Leppington Scout Jamboree - John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, Noel Ricketts (mouth organ), lagerphone, Eric Bolton (banjo) (Bob Bolton photo)  
 52 - High kicks @ a Ball - dancing "The Palais Glide"  I have forgotten their names (Wendy and Don will know)  Barbara and Barry ?

 53  -
Concert Party @ Leppington Scout Jamboree - John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, mouth organ, Eric Bolton (Bob Bolton photo)  

 54 - 2002 Heritage Ensemble -back row:  Mark Poleson (drumsticks), Chris Poleson, ? , Tony Stuart, Bob Foggin, James Johnson, Jessica Randall, ? , Bob Bolton
middle row:  Brian Dunnett, Richard Evans, Claire De Vaney , Simon Farrugia, Jenny Brian, ? , Don Brian, Jill Stubington, Wayne Richmond
front row:  Wilga MacDonald, ? , Helen Romeo, Kathy Potter, Sue McMahon, Peter Kay, Samantha O'Brian, Dave Johnson

55 - Heritage Ensemble, 1995 Heritage Ball Rockdale Town Hall
Back:  someone behind Steve, Brian Dunnett, Bob Foggin, Andrew Studer, Don Brian, Dave Johnson behind Don, Kathy Potter, Tony Romeo at back, James Johnson, Bob Bolton behind green dress, Simon Farrugia, Helen Romeo, Don Richmond (caller), Jill Stubington, Alex Bishop, Lindsay Wood, Elizabeth Humphries 
Front:  Steve Lockwood, Cathy Sullivan (blue skirt), Rosemary Forbes-Smith (sitting), Phillip Brian, Wayne Richmond, Amanda Gillard? (green dress), Kingsley Forbes-Smith
56 - No not Ryebuck - just using their PA.... Peter McLaren is concertina player and Dave will know the name of the band

57 - 1988 Ball - I know that the bushranger, Brian McDonald was MC in 1990 - was he also MC in 1988 or was John Vaughn MC?
Back Row:  Richard Evans, Ralph Pride, ?  Richard de Pledge 
2nd Row:  Don Richmond (Caller), Kingsley Forbes-Smith, Greg Wilson
3rd Row:  Dave Johnson, Helen Romeo, Brian McDonald (MC), Kim Short
Front Row:  Steve Lockwood, Polly Garland (Clapp), Craig Collis
58 - Heritage Ball dancing the Palais Glide - John Short was the MC
59 -  Heritage Ball held at the Sydney Town Hall - the balloons are yellow and green (BMC colours) see also 50

60 - 
Post Ball Picnic at Lake Parramatta? also dancing the Palais Glide...

61 -
Heritage Ball at Cumberland Hospital Hall ? 2000/01, Jack Chapman (left), Colin & Alison Coles (centre), Ingrid in fuchsia gown, 
62 - Monday night dance workshop at Addison Road Centre (Bob Bolton photo)

63  - Monday night dance workshop at Addison Road Centre (Bob Bolton photo)
64 - Kate and Mark Dabbs with Sue Paine and Tony Romeo in background (Bob Bolton photo)

65 -1987 Heritage Ball held at the Sydney Town Hall 
Back Row:  Richard de Pledge, ?
2nd Row:  Tony Romeo (stage manager), Beth Cambridge, Wayne Richmond, Ralph Pride
3rd Row:  Craig Collis, Helen Romeo (Brain), Don Richmond (Caller), Steve Lockwood
4th Row:  Kingsley Forbes-Smith, Sparks, Dave Johnson, Heather Clarke (Park) (Caller), Pete McMahon
Front Row:  Scott Carlin, Mary McRae, ?
66 -
Heritage Ensemble at The University of NSW Roundhouse
Back Row:  Bob Bolton, Wayne Richmond, Tony Romeo, Ralph Pride, Pete McMahon Don Richmond (caller)
2nd Row:  Simon Farrugia, Bob Foggin, Kingsley Forbes-Smith, Dave Johnson, Christian Dolislarger
Front Row:  Mary McRay, Beth Cambridge, Helen Romeo, Wendy Richmond (caller)

67 - 2004 Heritage Ensemble - I don't recognise the green curtain
Back Row:  Tully, Claire de Vaney, Tony Stuart, James Johnson, Chris Poleson, Mark Poleson, Jenny Brian, Eric Eisler
2nd Row:  Brian Dunnett, Steve Lockwood, Tim Lockwood, Richard Evans, Peter McLaren, Helen Romeo, Kathy Potter, Samantha O'Brien, Don Brian, ?, ?, ?
Front Row:  Bob Foggin Wilga MacDonald, Jill Stubington, Dave Johnson, Peter Kay, Simon Farrugia, Alison Boyd, Bob Bolton
Sitting on floor:  Wayne Richmond

Thanks to Helen Romeo for photo identification. 

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