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BMC Anniversaries - 60th Anniversary slide show from the Diamond Jubilee Concert, Saturday 30th August 2014 - 2nd article.

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Thanks to Helen & Tony Romeo for organising the slide show of 200 images. 

1.  Bushwhackers, Lithgow 1954/55   (John Meredith photo)

2.  Bushwhackers band in Reedy River, February 1954.

3.  Jack Barrie in Reedy River, 1954

4. Bushwhackers at Dame Mary Gilmore's 90th Birthday celebration

5.  Bushwhackers in Reedy River

6.  Bushwhackers concert at Sydney Cricket Ground

7.  Bushwhackers at Lawson Celebrations, Domain

8.  Bushwhackers reunion, NFF 2002 - Chris Kempster, Harry Kay, Alex Hood, Jack Barrie being recorded by Rob Willis  (Bob Bolton photo)

9.  Concert Party at Orange at Lake Canobolas Regatta, Banjo Paterson Festival - Jamie Carlin, Jan Jones, Frank Maher, Gay Scott, Alan Scott, Jack Barrie, 1960

10.  Concert Group, 1964

11.  Dancing at Noreen's Place, 1960s (Maher collection)

12.  Concert Party - Frank  Maher, Sam Ramsay, Alan Scott, Jamie Carlin

13.  Members busking at Gulgong, 1969 - Jamie Carlin (arms crossed), John Dengate (guitar), Ronda Carlin with  lagerphone, Dale Dengate seated on step, dark hair & glasses

14.  Pix magazine, 1962

15.  Lawson Centenary LP, 1967

16. John Meredith & Sally Sloane

17.  Back cover of December 1957 Singabout.

18.  Jamie Carlin & Herb Gimbert




21.  Chris Woodland (John Meredith photo)

22.  Alan Scott
(John Meredith photo)

23.  Duke Tritton
(John Meredith photo)

24. Cover of Duke of the Outback - John Meredith, Duke Tritton,

25. Alex Bowker

26.  Bill Tovey, Singabout 5(3), July 1965

27.  Concert Party at Gulgong, 1959





32.  Dave Johnson's Blue Book

33.  First edition - foolscap size!

34. First edition

35. John Dengate (guitar), Ann Maher (lagerphone), Frank Maher (bush bass) 



38.  Post Ball, Observatory Hill -14/08/1980
dancing: Don Richmond, Julie Pryor, Lance Green and Sue Weaver
musicians:  Ralph Pride and Helen Romeo (Brain)  
(Bob Bolton photo)


40.  Dancers, Rocks Square, 1980
(Bob Bolton photo)
back to camera - Bob Brain going left ... Sally Leslie (Stevens), Bruno, Julie Pryor, Bruce Downes, Sue Pain, Stuart Leslie, Helen Romeo (Brain)

41. Band, Rocks Square, 1980.
(Bob Bolton photo)
Musicians... Ralph Pride, Wally Bolliger, George Bolliger and Bob Cole sitting

42.  Helen Brain (later Romeo) & Stuart Leslie,
1981? Heritage Ball in the Sydney Town Hall

43. Dale & John Dengate

44.  Sally Sloane by John Meredith

band:  Alex Bishop, Helen Romeo, Dave Johnson, Tony Romeo and Christian Dolislager.
dancers:  at back Sharyn Mattern and Pauline Cambourne - don't know the name of their partners, George and Michelle Bolliger in front and Wendy Richmond's Mum with Phil Kenny (Wendy will know names as I think she was the coordinator of the dancers for this ball) ... may have even been Heritage Dancers?

I think this was the first Heritage Ensemble, for the 2nd Heritage Ball in Sydney Town Hall 1983 - Craig Collis, Ralph Pride, Roy Harbour, Dave Johnson (back to dancers), Annette Dwight, Greg Wilson, Helen Romeo (Brain), Polly Garland (Clapp) and Leo Dent on the piano. (BTW - you can check names & dates on Dave's Heritage Ensemble site but some are wrong.. the first Heritage Ball was 1981 with Southern Cross and Ryebuck, then 1982 we had a concert and no ball and then the 2nd ball was 1983). 

Not sure of the year but this was a Dinner and AGM so sometime in March ... early 1980s... no later, held at the Argyle Tavern in The Rocks.  This is a photo of the new BMC committee.
Front - Helen Romeo (Brain), behind Bob Bolton, Bob Brain and Dave Johnson, behind Dave is Chris Robinson and Tony Romeo and back row is Lance Green, Wally Bolliger, George Bolliger and Mark Dabbs.

Thanks to Helen Romeo for photo identification

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