Thursday 1 December 1977

From the Archives - Mulga Wire no.4, Dec 1977 - complete

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2. Editorial, Publishing Committee - R.P. (Ralph Pride), R.L.B. (Bob Bolton), D.J. (Dave Johnson)

3. Interview with Gertrude Spouse by Bob Bolton, Gertrude is the widow of one of Australia's best traditional style mouth organists, Percy Spouse, pp.3-5.


5. Mouth organ workshop, pp.5-7



8. New Year Revels at Hill End Historic Site, poster by Raema Grieve

9.  A short note on keys by R.Pride

10. Larrikin records catalogue

11. Bob Murray's travels in Norway. Annual General Meeting notice

12.  Record Review - Steam Shuttle, Larrikin Records by R.P. (Ralph Pride)

13. Record Review - On My Selection, Phyl Lobl & Andy Sanders, Larrikin Records,
Book Review -The Australian Yarn by Ron Edwards  (D.J.- Dave Johnson)

14. CLUB NEWS, review of The B.M.C. Festival - Concert with the Club Band, Bob Murray, Joe Fernside, Phyl Lobl, Dave de Hugard & Reedy River Bushmen.

15. Bill Board

16. clockwise from top -
1. Dance - 77062712, Ralph Pride (fiddle), Jamie Carlin (concertina),
2. Barry Collerson (banjo), unkn. woman, Ann Pidcock,
3. 77062708 -the original line up of Sydney Coves - John Knyvett (whistle), Bruce Stephens (banjo), John Said (guitar), Dave Johnson (bush bass),
4. Rouseabouts - unknown event, unknown photographer.
5.  7062711 Silvia & Tom Salisbury
6.  Strohl viol?
hotos 1, 3 & 5 were taken by Bob Bolton at Singabout Night, BWIU Hall 27th June, 1977