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From the Archives - Mulga Wire no.4, Dec 1977 - complete

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2. Publishing Committee - R.P. (Ralph Pride), R.L.B. (Bob Bolton), D.J. (Dave Johnson)

3. Interview by Bob Bolton with Gertrude Spouse, widow of one of Australia's best traditional style mouth organists, Percy Spouse, pp.3-5.


5. Mouth organ workshop, pp.5-7



8. Poster by Raema Grieve

9.  A short note on keys

10. Larrikin records catalogue

11. Bob Murray's travels in Norway. Annual Genera Meeting notice

12.  Record review - Steamshuttle, Larrikin Records by R.P. (Ralph Pride)

13. Record Review - On My Selection, Phyl Lobl & Andy Sanders, Larrikin Records,
Book Review -The Australian Yarn by Ron Edwards  (D.J.- Dave Johnson)

14. CLUB NEWS, review of The B.M.C. Festival - Concert with the Club Band, Bob Murray, Joe Fernside, Phyl Lobl, Dave de Hugard & Reedy River Bushmen.

15. Bill Board

16. clockwise from top -
1. Dance - 77062712, Ralph Pride (fiddle), Jamie Carlin (concertina),
2. Barry Collerson (banjo), unkn. woman, Ann Pidcock,
3. 77062708 -the original line up of Sydney Coves - John Knyvett (whistle), Bruce Stephens (banjo), John Said (guitar), Dave Johnson (bush bass),
4.. Rouseabouts - unknown event, unknown photographer. 
5.  Strohl viol?
6.  7062711 Silvia & Tom Salisbury
photos 1, 3 & 5 were taken by Bob Bolton at Singabout Night, BWIU Hall 27th June, 1977

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