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As the posts grow (over 750 articles, classified under 198 subjects!), searching becomes more difficult.

Our Customised Google search is not useful for Subjects with many entries. 

The Subject list is fine for those with only a few entries, but those with many entries are better searched with a general web search using your normal browser.  A search by a topic of interest, eg.  john meredith will list every article & articles of interest can be opened. 

Chronologies & Compilations are blogs with links to all articles on the subject 

NLA Oral Histories - Bushwhackers & other early members (live links)

Centenary of the birth of John Meredith OAM (17 January 1920 – 18 February 2001) (links to all articles about our founder)

From the Archives - Venues used by BMC  (useful for dating leaflets, etc)

Compilation - Early Song Sheets1950s/60s (all surviving sheets have been scanned & posted)

Compilation - Singabout, 1956-1967 (every page has been scanned & posted)

Compilation - Mulga Wire 1977 to date (every page from No.s 1-10 has been scanned & published, but only selected articles from No. 11 to No. 213 April 2013 have been scanned.

eMulgaWire issues from June 2013 to date are available on our website

Compilation - Newsletter 1955-1977 (all pages scanned & posted, but not all issues have survived)

From the Archives - Chronology of Bush Music Festivals, 1975 to 1995 (links to all festival blogs)

Compilations from Minutes Books 1 & 2

Minutes of the Bush Music Club, 14th October 1954 to 11th March, 1955  (all pages from Minutes book 1 with transcriptions & explanatory notes)

From the Archives - Minutes of General Meetings, from 26th June 1957 to August 1970 - Part 1, 1957-1959.  (All pages in book 2 have been scanned but are not yet published. This is an ongoing series

From the Archives - Annual General Meetings 1958 to 1978 (book 2, all pages scanned & posted)

From the Archives - Mulga Wire 21 - Historical Notes (Some delving into early Club files)

History of the Bush Music Club - The Committee, the first 25 years. (compiled from the minutes)

Minutes of the Conference held on the 9th of February (1957), at the Esperanto Hall, Milson's Pt., Sydney. (Minutes book 2. 7 pages, incomplete, last page/s missing)

The early Bush Bands October 1954 to March 1955 (from first Minute book)



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