Thursday 4 June 2020

Compilation - Early Song Sheets 1950/60s

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From the Archives - Ben Hall Book - Fuller versions of several established songs

From the Archives - 2 handwritten songs by Duke Tritton - The Fossickers Return & The Irishman's Song.

From the Archives - The Folk Song Collectors Group, 1970, & Collectors Group, 1960s

From the Archives - The Songs They Sang and the Dance Tunes They Played at the Old Time Bush Dances and other Material, Parts One and Two

From the Archives - Correspondence between West Sydney Singers & John Manifold

From the Archives - Bandicoot Ballads by John Manifold (Qld Bush Music Club)

From the Archives - Bush Music Club Song Sheets in the Jamie Carlin Collection

From the Archives - Bushwhacker Broadsides

From the Archives - Bush Music Club Broadsheets & Bush Music Club Publications

Fran Shaw's songsheets - Part 1, Bush Music Club Song Sheets dated 1956 &1957, & undated 

Anniversaries - Bush Music Club's 2nd Anniversary, 1956 - Fran Shaw's Song Sheets

Fran Shaw's Songsheets, Part 3. Miscellaneous sets & papers

Fran Shaw's Songsheets - Part 4. Camp Songs, Dept of Education, Phys Education Branch

Fran Shaw's Songsheets - Part 5, Talks on bush music

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