Sunday 14 June 2020

From the Archives - Backblocks tunebook

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Backblocks is a group of musicians exploring traditional Australian music with the "bush" instruments of the 19th century : fiddle, concertina, button accordion & piano etc.


2.  Heel & Toe Polka (source Crooked Corner Band), Polka (source Rita Baker),  Luke Oakley's Polka (source Orley Benson)

3.  Military Schottische - The Fred Holland Schottische (source Orley Benson),  Harry Cotter's Schottische,  Stan Treacey's Schottische

4.  Polka Muzurka. Joe Cashmere's Polka-Mazurka (source Joe Cashmere), Rodda's Marurka (source Errol Rodda) Mrs Corry's Polka Mazurka (source Daisy Sutton)

5. Dorothy's Set Tune (souce Dorothy Blacket), Harry McQueen's Set Tune

6. Lancers tune, (source Jim Wilkinson) The Railway Hotel.

7.  Swing Waltz - Annie Shaw's tune & Jack's Waltz (source Sally Sloane)

8. Varsoviana (1) Bill Gilbert. Varsovina (2)

9.  Waltz Cotillion.  Bill Painter's waltz (source - Orley Benson), Under the Willow (source John Warn)) Ernie Goodman's waltz (source - Ernie Goodman) 


11.   Backblocks t-shirt (Bob Bolton collection)

12. Workshop using Backblocks tune book, Bush Traditions Gathering, Goulburn, 2014 (Sandra Nixon photo)

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