Tuesday 2 June 2020

From the Archives - Bush Music Club Newsletter - 1976 to 1978

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The first Newsletter was published in October 1955, & the last Newsletter/Calendar we have was issued in January 1977, & the January 1978 Calendar was also issued with Mulga Wire.

Our holding are not complete & missing issues will be added as found.

Foolscap pages have been scanned as 2 images.

January 1976

1. AGM & election of Officebearers March Beer & Cheese. Singabout nights

2. 10th Annual Folk Festival Canberra Easter 1976.  Annual picnic. Annual Campfire. Beer & Cheese nights.

3.  Calendar 1976

January 1977

1.  AGM, Workshop nights - additional to Beer & Cheese nights starting Feb 15th,  to help young or inexperienced members.  

2.  Beer & Cheese nights. 11th Annual Folk Festival in Adelaide.  Annual picnic. Annual campfire.  2nd Bush Music Festival more details to come  (Bob Bolton Secretary)

3.  Calendar

Bush Music Club Calendar 1978.

1. Still going strong but with a different look. Mulga Wire started last year to brighten up the newsletters.  Beer & Cheese nights are now Theme nights. The club has rented premises at Addison Road Centre.  First Colonial Subscription Ball will be held in August.  (Bob Bolton Hon. Sec.)

2.  Calendar

3.  Calendar

4. Maps for Marrickville & Burwood.

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