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From the Archives - Bush Music Club Newsletter - 1972 to 1973

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The first Newsletter was published in October 1955, & the last Newsletter/Calendar we have was issued in January 1977, & the January 1978 Calendar was also issued with Mulga Wire.

Our holding are not complete & missing issues will be added as found.

Foolscap pages have been scanned as 2 images.

January/February 1972 Editorial

1. The club is resting on the laurels of it's predecessors


3. A club is only as good as it's active members.  AGM 29th February
February 1972

4.  Workshop nights on Tuesdays. 1972 calendar - 29th February AGM, 5th March Annual Picnic,  7th March Beer & Cheese night, Convict songs & sea chanties. Review of Kangaroo Valley weekend 22nd January

5. Outstanding success and Glenn Innes Centenary of local government - J. Carlin

6. Monaro Folk Festival - 6th National Folk Festival program

7. Program - continued  (Lorraine Barnicoat Hon. Secretary)
March 1972

1.  Workshop nights Tuesdays. AGM results.  Coming events - Beer & Cheese nights 4th April, 2nd May,  Singabout 22nd April. Weekends away - Canberra Monaro Folk Festival at Easter. Currawong

2.  Currawong  (cont)  Music of Tamanian Aborigines, by Rev. John West in The History of Tasmania.   (Wilma Bolton Secretary)
June 1972

1. Workshop evenings on Tuesdays.  Beer & Cheese nights July & August. April Singabout was a tremendous success, so an extra Singabout will be held in July. Canberra -  review by Jamie Carlin.

2.  Currawong review by Ann Maher.

3. Noel Ticketts married Gail Holder. Whale Chasing Man by Harry Robertson is available from the Club.  NSW Folk Federation dance at Balmain, with music from BMC. (Wilma Bolton Secretary)
October 1972

1.  Workshop evenings on Tuesdays. Beer & Cheese nights October & November. November Singabout will celebrate the club's 18th Anniversary. Review of July Singabout - Dutch dancers attended. Coming events- Dance day at Noreen Grunseit's place 24th September with the Dutch dancers.

2. 55 years since Henry Lawson's death. Fantasy of man.


April 1973

1.  Workshop evenings on Tuesdays.  Beer & Cheese nights for May & June. Singabout 5th May.

2. AGM new committee.

3.  Port Phillip Folk Festival review by Bob Bolton. Declan Affley returned from Ireland with Uillean pipes. His long awaited record The Day the Pub Burnt Down with Jamie Carlin & Ken Greenhalgh might be out soon, after other scheduled release dates  (it was finally released in 1974)  (Bob Bolton Secretary)
August 1973

1. Workshop nights on Tuesdays. A Dance Group has been proposed.

2.  Publications - editor John Fraser is working on a revised Singabout Songster & a second volume. He also has enough material for a possible Singabout Magazine. Irish musicians Sean Gilroy, Tom Joyce & Mike Hand have made a tape of traditional Irish music & are looking for a publisher.  Jamie Carlin reports concertinas can be bought from the Salvation Army Red Shield shop.

3. Beer & Cheese nights August & September.  From Jamie Carlin - words to The Braes O' Balquither words by Tannahill, the basis of the folk song Will you go, lassie, Go.

4. Currawong had been booked for October long weekend. Publicity Officer Lorraine Banicoat has resigned & Brian Bolton has taken over.   (Bob Bolton, Secretary)
September 1973

1. 28th September, Extraordinary General Meeting for discussion on several motions.

2. Singabout night - change of date. Sean Gilroy, Tom Joyce & Mike Hand have pressed their LP privately & are selling copies (details of LP, no date)  Members are interested in the proposed Dance Group.

3.  Workshop nights on Tuesdays. Beer & Cheese nights September & October.  (Bob Bolton Secretary)
November 1973

1.  Christmas celebrations & Break up. Annual Campfire 24th November.

2.  Club Break up - Beer & Cheese night 11th December. Death of Herb Gimbert (1888-1973) (Bob Bolton Secretary)

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