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From the Archives - Bush Music Club Newsletter - 1974 to 1975

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The first Newsletter was published in October 1955, & the last Newsletter/Calendar we have was issued in January 1977, & the January 1978 Calendar was also issued with Mulga Wire.

Our holding are not complete & missing issues will be added as found.

Foolscap pages have been scanned as 2 images.


February 1974

1.  First newsletter for 1974. AGM - Voting is open to all paid-up members. Singabout nights : Concert presentation combined with dancing and a lot of audience participation. Beer & Cheese nights

2.  Annual picnic at Oatley. Easter Show: again Concert Party is providing music for the Steam Preservation Society showing application of steam to farming in by-gone years, this time a shearing plant. Annual campfire -  (Bob Bolton Secretary)

3. 1974 calendar

April 1974

1. AGM results.  Change of premises to Burwood Council Hall.

2. change of premises, continued with map
May 1974

1. Review of Beer & Cheese night was a success.  Next Beer & Cheese nights 4th June, & 2nd July. Singabout 6th July BWIU hall. (Bob Bolton Secretary)

2.  Sad for Singabout night 6th July
September 1974

1. Beer & Cheese nights are going well. Coming up October Political songs, November Ned Kelly. Books - Dancing, Singing - Vic. Folk Music Club has put out Shirley Andrews new book Take Your Partners as a double issue of Tradition & as a book. BMC will have the books for sale.  John Meredith & Hugh Anderson's book Folksongs of Australia is now available as a paperback.

2.  Comhaltas Ceoltoire Eireann means Irish Music. Concertina Liberation - Monday nights at Wentworth Park Hotel

3.Progressive Country Dance - Concert Party will provide music for an old time dance run by Sofala Progress Association in September.  (Bob Bolton, Secty.)

4. Singabout poster 19th October
November 1974

1.  Christmas Party & birthday party for 20th Anniversary, Potts Point, 14th Dec. Beer & cheese night 3ed December.

2. Annual campfire 30th November. Irish Christmas with Comhaltas Ceoltoire Eireann Dec 1st. Long awaited record of Declan Affley, Jamie Carlin & Ken Greenhalgh is being released 7th Dec. Warren Fahey is now running a record shop called Folkways in Paddington, with mainly British material. (Bob Bolton, Secretary)

January 1975

1. In 1974 Beer & Cheese nights boosted attendances.  AGM coming up.  Singabout nights. Annual picnic.

2.  Annual campfire. Publications - Songs from Lawson has been re-issued & will be sent to members,  Songs from the Kelly Country will also be re-issued. Records - 2 early records have been re-issued as a Festival double True Blue Songs of the Outback

3. 1975 Calendar

4. (Bob Bolton, Secretary)
March 1975

1. Singabout 22nd March. AGM. Dance afternoon at Burwood 16th March. Beer & Cheese nights April & May.

2.  Publications for sale include Songs from Lawson, Songs of the Kelly Country, A Collector's Songbook, Take your Partners, Records -True Blue Songs of the Outback & more. Folk record discount service from Free Reed Records in Canberra.

3. Ninth National Folk Festival in Sydney in March.   (Bob Bolton, Secty.)

4.  Singabout poster
April 1975

1.  AGM new date & venue. Anzac weekend - Canberra Mini-Festival & Woolshed Dance

2. Irish music - Comhaltas Ceoltoire Eireann are holding Irish Music Sessions at the Gaelic Club & dances elsewhere. Beer & Cheese nights - May & June. Dance practices 20th April. (Bob Bolton, Secretary.)
June 1975

1.  Singabout - 28th June. Annual picnic 14th June. Dance practice 22nd June.

2. Deferred AGM held in May.

3. Statemnet by Concert Party leader Eric Bolton.

4.  Beer & Cheese nights in July & August.
August 1975

1.  Vale Brian Loughlin

2. Beer & Cheese nights September, October & November.  Dancing - a small but dedicated group is practicing at Burwood.

3.  Dance cont.

4.  Mini Festival of Australian Music on October Singabout night.   (Bob Bolton, Secretary)
October 1975

1.  Concert at Ultimo - Friday

2.   Saturday - Workshops & Singabout at Ultimo. Sunday - Festival picnic, BBQ & dance at Australiana Village, Wilberforce   (Bob Bolton)

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