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From the Archives - A selection of Bush Music Club records - Wattle, Festival & other companies

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These recordings are either held in BMC archives, or in several cases, their covers were found in Archives.

Festival Records EP Discography

Getting the record straight by Bob Bolton.   Mulga Wire, no.39, Oct 1983, pp.S2-S3


1. Wattle -  Drover's Dream/The Bullockies’ Ball (1957),  Travelling Down the Castlereagh/Australia’s on the Wallaby,  Click Go the Shears/Botany Bay,  Nine Miles from Gundagai/Old Bullock Dray (1957),  The Hut That's Upside Down/Black Velvet Band
List of Wattle Records and Films

2.   1957  Wattle - The Bushwhackers Australian Bush Songs - front









Front cover of booklet & record sleeve -  Illustration from "Sketches on the Australian Goldfields by S.T. Gill, 1852.
Back cover of booklet & record sleeve - The Bushwhackers performing at the Australian Folklore Society Festival, 1955. Photograph by courtesy of "People" from articles in the Jan. 11th issue 1955.

2.  1957   Wattle - The Bushwhackers Australian Bush songs.
Tracks - side 1 - The Hut That's Upside Down & Australia's on the Wallaby,
side 2 - Click Go The Shears & Black Velvet Band & Drover's Dream.
4.1955   Wattle - Drover's Dream

5.  c.1954  Diaphon presents Selections from Reedy River - front

6.  c.1954   Diaphon - Selections from Reedy River. back.
Tracks - Side 1 - Click Go the Shears, Eumarella Shore, Four Little Johnny Cakes, Reedy River. 
Side 2 - Old Black Billy, Banks of the Comdamine, Reedy River, Ballad of '91, Widgeegoweera Joe.

7. 1959  Traditional Australian Bush Songs clockwise from top - Jack Barrie (bush bass), Jan Jones (lagerphone), Alan Scott (concertina) John  Meredith (accordion), Jamie Carlin (whistle)   Released in July 1958
Tracks - The Goondiwindi Song, The Old Bark Hut, Wild Rover No More, The Wild Colonial Boy. (Jamie Carlin collection)

8.  1959   The Bush Music Club presents a collection of Australian Ballads.  The Shearers Band playing Traditional Australian Folk Songs.  Shearers Band (aka Concert Party) signatures - John Meredith, Alan Scott, Jamie Carlin, Peter Francis, Jack Barrie.
tracks - Waltzing Matilda, Nine Miles From Gundagai, Botany Bay, Click Go The Shears, issued by David Jones for “Wool Week”

9.   1959  Songs from the Shearing Sheds. Festival FL-7116 - The striking cover design by Carolyn Kershaw shows five shearers all going hell-for-leather. (Singabout 3(4), p. 20)

10.   1959  Songs from the Shearing Sheds - 
tracks - Charlie Mopps, The Ballad of Catalpa, To the Shores of Botany Bay, Dennis O'Reilly,  Paddy Fagin, 16,000 Miles from Hom,e Nine Miles from Gundagai,  The Ryebuck Shearer, The Drover's Dream,  Ram of Dalby,  The Flash Stockman,  Jog Along Till Shearing 

11.  1960    16000 Miles From Home - Festival, FX-10.459  front    TROVE

12.  1960  16000 Miles From Home.
tracks -16000 Miles From Home, Paddy Fagin, The Flash Stockman, The Ryebuck Shearer

13.   1960?  Bush Ballads Festival-FL31336 -
tracks -The Ram of Dalby, The Flash Stockman, Jog Along Till Shearing, Nine Miles from Gundagai, Dennis O'Rielly, The Drover's Dream, The Ballad of Catalpa, Charlie Mopps, The Ryebuck Shearer, To the Shores of Botany Bay, Paddy Fagin, 16,000 Miles from Home. 
Later released c.1966 as Songs from the Shearing Sheds CAL-R66-443 (Keith McKenry, More than a life - John Meredith & the fight for Australian Tradition, p.451)

14.   1962     9 miles from Gundagai, front -TROVE

15.  1962     Nine miles from Gundagai -
tracks - Jog Along Till Shearing, The Drover's Dream, To the Shores of Botany Bay.

16.  1964   Dinkey Di! We Love Singing Fair Dinkum Aussie Songs.  10th Anniversary album.  Festival. (John Dengate (guitar), Ann Maher (lagerphone), Frank Maher (bush bass)
Tracks - The Whip and the Spur, Polka - Give a Fair Go Cruck o' the Ark, The Peach Picker's Song, Jacky Jacky, Frank Gardiner, The Great Northern Line, Dinkey Di, Wallaby Liz, Little Fish, Flask Jack from Gundagai, Haymaker's Jig, Garrawilla, Moreton's Bay.

18.  1967  Poems in Music. Henry Lawson. Poems set to music by the Bush Music Club. Fest-SR66-9587  TROVE

19.  1967  Poems in Music. Henry Lawson. Poems set to music by the Bush Music Club. 
tracks - Side One: 1. Waratah and wattle  2. The roaring days 3. The stringybark tree  4. The men who made Australia  5. Eureka 6. Cobb &​ Co.  Side Two: 1. Ballad of the drover  2. The roaring days 3. Shearer's dream 4. Freedom on the wallaby  5. (a) Andy's gone with the cattle ; (b) Andy's return  6. Ballad of the rouseabout.
musicians - John Meredith - button accordion, Jamie Carlin - English concertina, Frank Maher - bush bass, Eric Bolton - four-string banjo, Chris Woodland - mouth organ, Brian Loughlin - lagerphone,  John Dengate - guitar.

20.  1974  True Blue Songs of the Outback (double LP - Songs of the Shearing Shed & Dinkey Di)  TROVE   Festival Records: L45523 (L45524) 
Tracks - Charlie Mopps,  The ballad of Catalpa, To the shores of Botany Bay, Dennis O'Rielly, Paddy Fagin, 16,000 miles from home,  Nine miles from Gundagai, The Ryebuck shearer, The drover's dream, Ram of Dalby,  The flash stockman,  Jog along till shearing, Dinkey di!,  Flash Jack from Gundagai, Moreton's bay, Wallaby Liz, Little fish,  Haymaker's jig,  The peach picker's song, Jacky Jacky, Frank Gardiner, The great northern line, Garrawilla,  The whip and the spur, Polka.

21.  1980  20 Golden Greats Festival 1964-1980,  Harlequin L25365   (not held by NLA)

21a & 21b. Review in Stringybark & Greenhide, 4(2), 1982

22.  1980  20 Golden Greats. 
tracks -  Roaring days, Eureka, Shearers Dream, Charlie Mopps, To the shores of Botany Bay, The drover's dream, Jog along till shearing, Wallaby Liz, Jacky Jacky, The whip and the spur, The stringybark tree, The men who made Australia, Ballad of the drover,  Andy's gone with cattle, Andy's return,  16,000 miles from home, The flash stockman, Dinkey di!, Flash Jack from Gundagai, Moreton's bay, The peach picker's song.  (not held by NLA)
23. Review by Jamie Carlin, page 1. (Jamie Carlin collection)

24. Review by Jamie Carlin, page 2. (Jamie Carlin collection)

25. Review by Jamie Carlin, page 3. (Jamie Carlin collection)
26. Bush Music Club L.P. to be recorded Saturday 2nd August, 1969 John Dengate papers.
Unfortunately: Sandra, No, this record was never made and it would have been of better musical quality than previous ones as we all had learnt a lots more musically..
However, we asked Doreen Jacobs , who was by then in Music Dept of Sydney Uni for permission. She wrote music for Helen Palmer’s words to Ballad of 1891 and Eureka. She was pleased we were working on the songs, but said they had been recorded badly and erroneously in the past so she needed to come, listen and comment. Doreen wanted the BMC band to change some things, but it was a bit beyond their musical expertise. So the BMC never did the recording. I think everyone was intimidated as we knew we weren’t perfect. For months we had the concert party at our place every Saturday or Sunday arvo till evening and I recall doing a lot of cooking. We enjoyed getting together to practise.
Indeed, memories from long ago, but it is good to read my reports as they bring back those times.  Dale  
(email from Dale Dengate, 2nd August, 2020)

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