Thursday 20 November 2014

Report on our 60th Anniversary Concert, 15th November 2014

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(photos - Sandra Nixon unless elsewhere stated)

Thanks to all the members who helped make the day the wonderful event it was - Committee members,
sub-committee members, concert organisers, performers, MC, the stage managers & the soundbloke, volunteers, BBQ cleaners, cooks, caterers, chair movers, human packhorses, members who attended, members who gave apologies, those who I have forgotten, & a special thankyou to our younger siblings, the members of the Victorian Folk Music Club (est. 1959 as Bush Music Club of Victoria) who sent us this beautiful greeting -
 Last week we re-decorated the Hut using a selection of old posters found on top of a cupboard! Unfortunately we never left the Big Hall so no-one saw them!

On Saturday morning a team of volunteers set up the big Hall, to the 'accompaniment' of a loud sound system outside. Our hire of the Hall coincided with a large regular event that filled the green outside with large numbers of people who like amplified music, picnicking & dancing to said music, & buying stuff from the associated market stalls! 

Fortunately when we shut the doors & shutters we could hear our music, & everyone had a great day.

113 members and friends bought tickets entitling them to one of Naomi's yummy sizzled sausages, some didn't worry about eating & just enjoyed the music.

  The concert was presented in chronological order, & started with a contribution from Life Member Jamie Carlin one of our earliest members.

He was followed by 2 members, also Life Members who have been with us since the 60s.
Bob Bolton with banners made by Dale Dengate, another member who joined in the 60's. Bob has been a member of a number of bands, our official photographer & Archivist, has been on the committee for decades & is responsible for most of our publishing program since 1977. 
Ralph Pride - sound expert, member of many bands, compiler of Concert Party's song & tune workbooks, performer of Australian traditional songs, tunes & poems at schools ...

Dave Johnson has been an active member since the 70's & has been a member of many bush bands past & present. He has been the Director of the Heritage Ensemble for over 30 years, & is the author of the famous Blue Book, & has been a coordinator of Bush Traditions Inc in recent years.  (Mike Young photo)

Helen Romeo, a very active member, musician, reciter, member of various bands, currently involved in 60th anniversary celebrations & Saplings workshops.

Margaret Walters, unaccompanied singer, MC & coordinator of FolkUs nights in the 80s & 90s.

Sue & Pete McMahon, musicians & singers, currently performing as McMahon Brothers, & in Bad Wallaby!

Chloe & Jason Roweth spread bush music via concerts, workshops & CDs around the state, country & the world. With their daughters Megan & Joanna they are the Roweth Family Band.

The younger generation of performers - members of Saplings & BMC's Family Bush Band. Left to right - 3rd generation member Emily, with 2nd generation members Maggie, Vanessa, Claire & Megan.

The concert finished with cast & audience singing The Drover's Dream, the first traditional Australian song to to be a "top 40" hit when released way back in 1955, performed by our founders, The Bushwhackers.

The most important people in the room - the members

Early members from the 50s & 60s - Ronda Carlin, Ann Maher, Frank Maher, Tom Salisbury, Jamie Carlin.

Unfortunately Sylvia could not be with us due to other commitments. Sylvia & Tom met when they were in the first Sydney production of Reedy River in 1953.

 Sometime after joining BMC, Jamie brought along his colleague Frank Maher

Ronda with a late 1969 photo that includes her (standing with lagerphone right of photo)
Chris & Emily Poleson
Michelle & Thomas Bolliger
Concert Party & friends ready to provide music for the dance
Winners of the 60th Anniversary Dance competitions were announced, with coordinator Don Richmond handing the certificate to Keith Wood, the only winner present.

The dance was followed by the famous sizzling sausages supplied by master BBQ chef  Naomi Doherty with assistance from husband Kerry.
with music by Helen & Tony Romeo - John Poleson, Emily & Margaret Poleson
  which was soon followed by a singing session (why move to the Hut when everyone is comfy? Any way it would have been a hassle traipsing cross the green through the crowds listening to the amplified music)
Colin Fong singing??? Dancer, folkie, Mulga Wire proof-reader, willing helper, now singer!

Tony Romeo, Ralph Pride, Don Brian
Dot Dawson watching the slideshow provided by Tony Romeo 
BMC Anniversaries - 60th Anniversary slide show from The Big Concert, Saturday 30th August 2014 -1st article.

BMC Anniversaries - 60th Anniversary slide show from The Big Concert, Saturday 30th August 2014 - 2nd article.

BMC Anniversaries - 60th Anniversary slide show from The Big Concert, Saturday 30th August 2014 -3rd article.

President Sharyn handed Life Member badges to Don & Wendy Richmond

Members George Bolliger, Margaret Walters & Wally Bolliger identifying photos

Julie & Alex Bishop & Mike Waters

The Burtt family
Wendy Richmond & Fay Lau

Concert Party members Eddie Sampson, poet & reciter, & Peter Cahill, singer/songwriter/musician
Mike & Ros Young, John Poleson

Roweth family, President Sharyn Mattern, soundbloke Ralph Pride, Karen Fong

Many thanks to Wayne Richmond who recorded the concert.

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Thursday 13 November 2014

BMC's 60th Birthday party

Venue - Addison Road Centre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville

enquiries - 0428 265 789

Concert & Dance at the Hall next to the carpark.

Reunion session in Hut 44. (note - the Hut will not be open during the day)

Times - 1pm for 1.30 start to the Concert, evening session closes 11pm. 

All this for only $5, which includes a sausage sandwich after the dance finishes. 

For those who need a bit more tucker for the evening session, meals from Addison Road Chinese takeway near the gates can be ordered by phone or in person, menues are available in the Hut.

The program (below) will be available from the ticket desk in the Hall.


Once upon a time Bush Music was in the Top 40 and we'll be ending the Concert with this song & as the words will be in the program, please join in!