Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The BMC family

Two & sometimes three generations, born to parents who were members, or families who joined together, all are part of the BMC family. 

Rumour has it BMC was almost a matrimonial agency back in the Good Ol' Days - a quick count gave 38 couples from the 50s, 60, 70s & 80s!
Please send in photos of your 2 or 3 generations - current photos or historic - all are part of our history. Send them to the address given in the eLIST.

3 generations of Polesons - John, Emily & Chris - under the sign John created when Chris was a lad. August 2014

Mark Poleson with Jack, Dec 2014

Newer members - Claire, Kerry & Naomi Doherty, August 2014

Chloe & Jason with Joanna & Megan - The Roweth Family Band, Yass 2014

Megan, Jason & Chloe, Bulli 2009

Jenny & Margaret Bolliger, with uncle & brother-in-law, George Bolliger, Kangaroo Valley, 2014

Beck & Don Richmond - Yass 2014

The Richmond family at Australian Pioneer Village, early 90s

Christina Mimmocchi & Tomas

George & Thomas Bolliger, August 2014

Naomi, Michelle & Thomas Bolliger, August 2014

George, Michelle, Naomi & Thomas Bolliger, October  2014

Steve, Maggie & Vanessa Lockwood

to be continued

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