Thursday 16 September 2021

Compilation - New Theatre and Reedy River - 1953/4 onwards

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In 1953 Sydney New Theatre put on Reedy River, which had been premiered by Melbourne New Theatre in March 1953. The Sydney production closed on the 30th April, 1954 after a run of nine months. The cast then took the production to many suburban and regional centres. 
This production differed from the Melbourne production in having the Bushwhackers, a "bush band" on stage, rather than an orchestra off stage. 


From the Archives - Reedy River 1988 - Mulga Wire no. 68, August 1988 - includes video of the production recorded by Wayne Richmond

Marie Armstrong - a tribute 2021, video recorded by Wayne Richmond  

Reedy River publications in our Library

Reedy River - TRIBUNE Wednesday May19th, 1954

Article in A.M. magazine, January 16, 1954.

Newspaper & magazine clippings

Bob Bolton collection - Report on Reedy River @ NFF2002

My Old Black Billy - movie made by Maritime Union Australia in 1956 with vocals by Bushwhacker Cec Grivas

Reedy River @ the Henry Lawson Festival at Como, Sunday 9th July 2017

Review of Sydney production of Reedy River, Friday 26th February 1954, plus program & costume designs. (Sept 2015)

Website - Reason in Revolt - Source Documents of Australian Radicalism

The Bushwhackers (Some recollections - Chris Kempster, February 2002)

Memories of Reedy River & The Bush Music Club by Silvia Salisbury Talks from BMC's 2012 National Folk Festival Themed Workshop on BMC's First 10 years. (June 2012)


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