Wednesday 30 December 2020

From the Archives - the Songs of Reedy River as listed in the 1954, 1960, 1966 & 1979 songbooks

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Reedy River publications in our Library

Diaphon presents Selections from Reedy River - excerpts from the Sydney production, with the original cast - and their soloists - Milton Moore, Cecil Grevas (Grivas) and Jack Barry (Barrie)

9 songs - Click go the Shears, Eumeralla Shore, Four Little Johnny Cakes (Cec. Grevas soloist), Reedy River, Old Black Billy (Cec Grevas soloist), Banks of the Condamine, Reedy Lagoon, Ballad of '91, Widgeegoweera Joe (Jack Barry Soloist)

All songs books have the same cover.

1954, 1960 & 1966 song books listed the same songs

1979 Songbook added one song

Tables created by Bob Bolton

Ballad of 1891

words - ... In 1950 Helen Palmer wrote this poem which was set to music by Doreen Jacobs and was soon taken up by Australian workers facing a new spate of anti-union legislation from the Menzies Liberal government. The song became central to New Theatre's production of Dick Diamond's play "Reedy River" that opened in 1953. ...

Video - Bill Berry, an early BMC member

Bill Berry on Wikipedia - ... he performed with John Meredith and the Heathcote Bushwhackers, before they became simply "The Bushwhackers" ... An oral history of his life and work has been recorded by folklorist Alex Hood.

pages 4 & 5 from 1954 Reedy River Song Book

Banks of the Condamine

Bandicoot Ballads - no. 2, 1952.


Video - Bill Berry singing

By The Eumerella Shore

words & audio

Click go the Shears

Fran Shaw Collection - Colonial Ballads, Dec 1956

words from Twentieth Century Magazine, Dr Percy Jones

Video - Bill Berry

Four Little Johnny Cakes


Video - Bill Berry

Lazy Harry's


Video - Raymond Crooke

My Old Black Billy

From the Archives - How the "anonymous folk song" My Old Black Billy came to be in Reedy River

words by Edward Harrington

Maritime Union of Australia 1956 movie with Cecil Grivas singing

Reedy Lagoon

Fran Shaw Collection, undated Bush Music Club songheet, words - On The Banks Of The Reedy Lagoon, 1893

words as sung by Danny Spooner

Video - Lionel Long

Reedy River

Bush Music Club Broadsheet (undated)

video & words - Chris Kempster singing

Wake Up, Landlord

lyrics, Dick Diamond, music Charles Allen


email from Alex Hood, Dec 2020 ... it was a structural part of the play & it didn't stand alone as a song. Apart from being in the play no-one would sing it.

Widgegoweera Joe

Bandicoot Ballads, no. 11, 1952

Audio and words - John Thompson

Wild Rover No More

Fran Shaw Songsheets - 13th Dec 1957.

words -

Video - Burl Ives who excludes 4th & 5th verses

The Springtime it Brings on the Shearing


video - Lionel Long singing

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