Tuesday, 21 April 2020

From the Archives - Mulga Wire no.10, December 1978 - complete.

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2.  Editorial.

3.  Meet the Poets, no. 3, Banjo Paterson, by Barry Collerson, pp.3-4

4. Record Reviews - On the steps of the Dole Office door: Oral images of the Great Depression in Australia. Larrikin Records: LRF 015. (R.L.B. Bob Bolton)   pp. 4-5

5. Record reviews - Billy of Tea, Warren Fahey & the Larrikins. Larrikin records : LRF 028.  (R.L.B. - Bob Bolton)
Book review - Then Bushwackers Australian Song Book, ed. by Jan Wositzky & Dobe Newton.  (P.S.)

6.  Dance Workshop.  Australian Traditional Dance Group.  Reedy River  at New Theatre from January 6th 1979. Friday Workshops.

7.  Singabout.  Ball's Head Campfire.  Ryebuck Bush Band.  Rouseabouts Rattle on ...  Reedy River Bushmen

8.  Sydney Festival of Folklife. New Year Revels at Hill End '78 - '79.  Mudgee Schottische Transcribed from the playing of Jamie Carlin

9.  New Year Revels at Hill End Historical Site.

10. Larrikin Records.

11. Christmas Party

12. Bush Music Club Calendar Notes. Australia Day Dance.

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