Thursday 18 August 2022

From the Archives - Phyl Lobl collection - Reedy River TV typescript

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In recent years Phyl has donated a number of items to BMC. The most significant item is the only known copy of a 158 page undated typescript by Evan Williams for a proposed TV production of Reedy River that Dick Diamond gave to Geri Lobl in 1989 when Geri interviewed him for the National Library 

pages 151-158 contain the lyrics of Eumerella Shore; My Old Black Billy; Wild Rover; The Ballad of 1891; Widgegowera Joe; Oh, the Springtime it Brings on the Shearing; Banks of the Condamine and  Click go the Shears

Dick Diamond interviewed by Geri Lobl [sound recording]

Dick Diamond - New Theatre wiki 

Dick Diamond - Australian Dictionary of Biography

A. Cover

B.  Title page - this script was given to Geri in1989, not 1995

ii.  This is a film about the making of Australia.

iii.  Contents

vi. (typo for iv.)  Copyright © Vupina Pty Ltd.  The names of some
characters in this screenplay have been drawn from the musical
play Reedy River, first performed by the New Theatre,
Melbourne on 11 March 1953

v.  The publishers of the musical play Reedy River have
acknowledged the permission of the following to reprint the
words of the songs used in the play :

vi.  The publishers of the music: continued

vii.    Writer's note  (E.W.)

viii.  Characters in order of appearance

ix. Characters (contd) 

x.  Characters (contd)


p.150 - final page of the script  260.  STUDIO:MONTAGE


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