Sunday, 14 August 2022

Screenshots from the 9th John Dengate Memorial Zoom Get together, August 2022

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Dear Friends,

You all brought a delightfully warm feeling to the commemorative concert for John on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to Leyne for her technical skills and to Gene and also to Max for his unique way of compering a concert of very diverse acts. Without the Elbournes we wouldn't have been able to gather and it has come to be a very special day for the Dengates.

I have been delighted to get messages from the extended family who have sent messages that they really enjoyed the afternoon. They have come from all over Australia, New Zealand, Wales and France.

I have found it is more like one of the parties we used to hold in our house in Glebe, where friends gathered, sang, recited, swapped stories and yarned for hours and John could share his latest song or poetry.



3. Dale & her Technical Support, Luce

4. Virago, Di Clifford & Kath Morgan

5. Margaret Bradford

6. Margaret Walters & Chris Maltby

7. Mary-jane Field

8. Colleen Burke & ComadeSirBigRuss

9. Seamus Gill & Kate Scott

10. MC Max Elbourne and Gene & Tony Smith

11. Chris Clarke in the wilds of suburban Canberra, rapping about our previous prime minister

12. Chloe & Jason Roweth

13. Evan Mathieson

14. Peter Hicks

15. Bruce & Jill Watson

16. While Bruce was singing, Jill had been busy writing a poem

17. Mr Dengate had taught young Graham Wood

18. letter to Graham

19. Gerry Myerson singing Tom Paxton's I Believe, I Do, lyrics

20. Daniel Kelly

21. Big Russ enjoying listening to the Roweth Trio

22. Joanna Roweth

24. Roweths & Dengates

25. The Shouties playing Everloving Man by The Loved Ones, Lachie on drums.

26. Leyne, Dale & Max

27. Tilly

28. Sean Dengate

29. Leyne

30. Chloe & Jason + Sean

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