Sunday 10 April 2016

Musical dedication of Dengate Crescent, Moncreiff, ACT, Thursday 24th March 2016

Thanks to Jill Watson for the video of the dedication

photo Seamus Gill, 2015

The ACT Government has a policy of naming suburbs & streets after significant Australians
  Canberra's suburb and street names present an interesting mosaic of Australia's local and national high achievers, its geography, heritage and history. Some of the people commemorated are well known, whilst others made their mark as quiet achievers. Our Indigenous heritage, Australian geography and history are all drawn together and reflected in the National Capital's place names.

Many musicians are honoured in Moncrieff
Original submission for naming a street after John, in the required 100 words - John Dengate was a musician, singer songwriter in the Australian traditional and folk style. His prodigious output of songs, verse and satire gave unique insight into Australian life with his comments on social and political events. Since the 1960s, with his wry comments and brilliant wit and as a generous, knowledgeable teacher, he had an immense influence on numerous performers and writers. From 1980 on, he won numerous awards for his writing and accolades for his performances at Folk Festivals, being known as one of their National Folk Treasures.
He was awarded Life Membership of NSW Folk Federation and Bush Music Club.

On Thursday 24th March a group of his friends gathered at the corner of Slim Dusty Circuit & Dengate Crescent in the new section of Moncrieff to (in)formally dedicate the street.

If anyone would like to live in Dengate Crescent, sites are selling now!

Friends arrived at different times, with the last arrivals being Dale Dengate & John's oldest BMC friend Chris Woodland who got stuck in traffic (& lost)

Dengate Crescent  (Sandra Nixon photos) same corner below in 2022.


John Warner (Marion Connaughton photo)
photo of the earliest arrivals taken by Marion Connaughton - Jenni Cole-Warner, Bill Montgomery, Kath & Yvonne O'Grady, Robin Connaughton, John Warner, unidentified man

Dale arrives (Sandra Nixon photo)

front - Roweth family, left to right - Karen Fong, Jill Watson, Sharyn Mattern, Bruce Watson, Gregory North, Dale Dengate, Colin Fong     (Sandra Nixon photo)

Jill's video (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Roweth family (Sandra Nixon photo)

group (Sharyn Mattern photo)

group (Sandra Nixon photo)

Dale D
engate (Sharyn Mattern photo)





6 photos of D
ale singing The Malaysia Song  (Sandra Nixon)
Lyrics here

Chris Woodland & Dale Dengate (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Peter Mace & Karen Fong (Sharyn Mattern photo)

Bruce Watson  (Sandra Nixon photo)

Chloe & Jason Roweth, Dale Dengate, Colin Fong (Sandra Nixon photo)

  Jill Watson, Colin Fong, Peter Mace, Dale Dengate, Chloe Roweth (Sandra Nixon photo)

Chloe & Jason Roweth, John Warner (Sandra Nixon photo)

Dale, Yvonne O'Grady, Bill Montgomery (Sandra Nixon photo)

Dale & John Warner, Gregory North (Sandra Nixon photo)

Bruce & Jill Watson, John Warner, Marion & Robin Connaughton, Yvonne O'Grady, Sharyn Mattern (Sandra N
ixon photo)

Jill Watson & Jason Roweth (Sandra Nixon photo)

Bruce Watson, John Warner, Jenni Cole-Warner, Marion Connaughton, Peter Mace, Don Brian, Jill Watson (Sandra Nixon photo)

Peter Mace (Sandra Nixon photo)

Group portrait (Sharyn Mattern)


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  1. Such a wonderful honor for John & Family! Greatly deserved!
    Iam delighted! Lyn Doherty