Wednesday 20 April 2016

Report on Saplings sessions at 2016 National Folk Festival

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We had a very successful four days at the National Folk Festival although our numbers of children were less than we had the previous year, about 15 – 20 each day.

We had plenty of tutors on hand to help (Dave Johnson, Samantha O’Brian, Beck Richmond, Chris Poleson, Tony Romeo, Steve Lockwood and George Bolliger) but as the numbers were small we did not split the group every day so the tutors helped individual children.

Beck did a wonderful job of getting everyone organised for the final performance on Monday afternoon which was excellent – except for sound spill from a nearby large venue. 

Helen Romeo
Saplings coordinator



Steve on banjo, Dave on fiddle

Beck with concertina


Saplings Concert, Monday afternoon

video taken by Dave Johnson



(photos - Sandra Nixon)




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