Wednesday 20 April 2016

Report on BMC & some members gigs @ 2016 National Folk Festival

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BMC & some members gigs @ 2016 National Folk Festival, with apologies for any members whose gigs were omitted.

1.  Concert Party, Waltz-a-thon, part 2


Ann Young & Allen Davis waltzing

Left to right - back row - Frank Maher, Chris Poleson, Rick Hull, Ralph Pride, banner, Allen Davis, Bill Montgomery, Terry Pybus, Bob Foggin

second row - Sharyn Mattern,  Mariamma Mitchell, Darri Adamson, Doug Richardson, Gail Copley, Moira Cowie, Ann Maher
3rd row - Karen Fong, Emily.
front - Nancy Nichols, Koen Andrews, Brian Gutkin, Dave Johnson, Eric Eisler.
2.  Concert Party - Reedy River

Ralph Pride, Emily, Mariamma Mitchell, Chris Poleson. Rick Hull

In the early days, The Ballad of 1891 was always sung standing & finished with a salute To The Men of 91.

Frank & Ann Maher, members of concert party since the 60s, with their 50+ year old lagerphone

Chris Woodland

George Bolliger & Kerry Doherty

Helen & Tony Romeo, & Karen Fong with former member Pauline Cambourne

Koen Andrews
3.  Blog article - 
Saplings sessions & concert

4.  blog article - Dedication of Dengate Crescent

On Thursday 24th March a group of John's friends gathered at the corner of Slim Dusty Circuit & Dengate Crescent in the new section of Moncrieff to (in)formally dedicate the street.

 photo - Sharyn Mattern
5.  Dave Johnson & Festival Bush Orchestra

6.  Dennis O'Keeffe Memorial Australian Songs Session with Dennis & Mem Taberner & Chris Woodland & a cast of thousands

Dennis with banjo

Dennis, Ray, Mem

Chris Woodland on harmonica - Don Brian on whistle, Ann & Frank Maher in front row

members Chris Poleson, Tony Romeo & Kathie McMahon.
7.  Chloe & Jason Roweth CD launch Light another fire - the spirit of Henry Lawson and John Dengate form the backbone of this album ...

Dale Dengate launching the album

8.  Roaring Forties

members - Chris Maltby, Margaret Walters, Don Brian
9.  Community Hymn Singing with Roger Holmes & his Beautiful Assistants, Anne, Jennifer & Sandra

Ann, Sandra, Roger, Chris Maltby


Colin Fong leading a hymn
10.  Anthony & Lisa Simon - Scottish Ball

photos supplied by Anthony


11.  Australian Colonial & Folk Dancers
photo & video supplied by Anthony Simon

Video by David Hunter

12.  Colonial Ball

Adrienne (maroon dress) & Bill Unger

      A few other events of interest.

13.    Victorian Folk Music Club  - Joy Durst Memorial Songbook.

Steve Bullock, VFMC with Joy's daughter Joanna

Joy left Sydney before BMC was established, she was a founder member of Melbourne's first bush band, The Billabong Band in 1955, & in 1959 was influential in founding Melbourne's Bush Music Club, later re-named Victorian Folk Music Club.

     Other National Folk Festival celebrations -

14.  Phyl Lobl's recreation of the 1967 Songwriter's Concert 

Phyl Lobl's recreation of the 1967 Songwriter's Concert - Margret RoadKnight, Enda Kenny, Paul Spencer, Evan Mathieson, Shayna Karlin, Bruce McNichol, Phyl Lobl
Wasn't that a time - Margret RoadKnight, Shayna Karlin, Maureen Cummusky, Phyl Lobl

Roger Holmes & Dale Dengate dancing, Jeannie Lewis watching

Roger & Dale + Margret & Shayna


15.  Founders Concert

Mae Trio &The Raglins, Duncan Brown, Margret RoadKnight, unknown, Danny Spooner, unknown, Phyl Lobl


16.  Concertina Convergence


17.  A collective noun of double bass


Canberra sunset

photos - Sandra Nixon unless elsewhere indicated


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