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From the Archives - Venues used by BMC

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Information gathered from Newsletter, Singabout & Mulga Wire.
From the Archives - Singabout Nights in the 50s, 60s & 70s  Singabout nights were Concert nights to raise funds to publish Singabout magazine.
From the Archives - Workshop nights held in the early days for learning & rehearsing songs

October 1955 - Newsletter 1(1) - Workshop nights Fridays, Video Studios 149 Castlereagh St

November 1955 - Newsletter 1(2), - New venue for Singabout Night no. 2 & workshops International Seamens Club 36 Pitt St, near the Quay

January 1956 - Singabout 1(1), BMC's first Singabout was held at BWIU Hall (Building Workers Industrial Union), 535 George St, Sydney, next will be held at 36 Pitt St.

now Albion Place Hotel, 535 George St, photo by Mattinbgn Wikimedia

1957 - Singabout, 2(1), April 1957, p.15 & Singabout, 2(3), Dec 1957, p.16, Esperanto Studios, Ennis Rd, Milsons Point (existing shops to the right of Milsons Point Station)

May 1957 Singabout poster - Esperanto Studio, 12 Ennis Rd, Milsons Point

1959 January newsletter - 
Club nights at the Fellowship of Australian Writers rooms, 38 Clarence St (long ago replaced by a multi-storey building)

Singabout nights have a new venue from from Saturday 10th January, Winns Cafeteria, next to Exchange Hotel, Oxford St Darlinghurst (The pub is still there, but Winns & the Cafeteria were long ago replaced by a multi-storey building)

Monday 6th April 1959,  Red minutes book - AGM 24-2-1959, Bush Music Club shifting camp to Irish National Association, 64 Devonshire St 

from 1959 - 1967 all workshops were at Fellowship of Australian Writers' Hall, 38 Clarence St

Singabout, 4(1), 1960, Review of June 1959 Singabout night - BWIU Hall 535 George St

July 1967
Newsletter - Singabout night at Vine House, second floor 531-535 George St,

Jan 1968 Newsletter - workshops 189 Clarence St.

Jan 1969 newsletter - planning to move workshops from 189 Clarence St,

22nd March 1969 - Singabout  at BWIU hall

Mar 1969 Newsletter - new workshop premises from April - Basement, 52 Clarence St.

Dec 1970 Newsletter - workshops on 8th floor, Sydney Technical College (Marcus Clarke building)

1972 - BMC workshops at Sydney Tech Building 38  (newspaper clipping - Jaru, Sydney Technical College newsletter, first term 1972)

 (photo by Bob Bolton)

April 1974
Newsletter - workshops move to Burwood Council Hall, off Condor St, for Beer & Cheese nights, with better parking than around Sydney Tech College, Singabout nights still at BWIU Hall

Oct 1974, Singabout at BWIU Hall

Nov 1974 Newsletter - Christmas Party @ Reginald Murphy Hall, Potts Point, Beer & Cheese nights

March 1975 newsletter - dance afternoon 4 Woodside Av, Burwood. at Burwood

March 1975
- Singabout at BWIU Hall

1975 Bush Music Festival - BWIU Hall, Sydney Tech & Australiana Village Wilberforce

June 1977 - MW no.1 - Singabouts at BWIU Hall, 535 George St. Beer & Cheese nights + Workshops at Burwood Council Hall Horsey St, Buwood

Feb 1978, MW no.5, new premises - Tritton Hall Hut 38, Singabout at BWIU, Workshops & Dance practices @ Tritton Hall from Feb. March Beer & Cheese night at Burwood Council Hall.

April 1978, MW no.6 - BMC moved to Hut 44. Beer & Cheese nights now called Theme nights, still at Burwood. Hut Warming Sat 8th April at Hut 44, May Singabout at BWIU Hall.

Drawing by Bob Bolton c.1986

1979 Calendar - activities at Burwood & Hut 44, Singabout nights at BWIU

1980 Calendar - activities at Burwood & Hut 44, Singabout nights are not mentioned after March.

1981 Calendar - all activities except dances are at Hut 44.


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